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Best Health Tips Ever!!!

Where in the world have I been?

I’ve been busy over at HappyWivesClub.com writing for their health and fitness section. Between homeschooling my kiddos to writing over there, and running a successful Beachbody virtual fitness training business I haven’t been able to write much here.  So sorry about that.

If I could clone myself, I think I would, then I could get more done.  Since I cannot do that I’ll give you the next best thing. How about a list with links to a ton of the articles that I’ve been writing for Happy Wives Club?

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite posts that I’ve shared across the web.

6 Best Health Tips Ever! (ok I’m biased)


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Why Your Health Food is Making You Fat

5 Valuable Tips for Getting the Most Our of Your Next Workout

How to Get Motivated to Workout

Which Foods Can Help Save Your Memory


Have a Healthy Day!


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Hot To Eat Like Santa, and Look Like a Movie Star

I can’t believe that Christmas is less than 30 days away! My lights are up on the outside of my home, the decorations are up on the inside. All that’s left is the tree.

So far we have 4 holiday parties to attend, and 3 to host! (One of our parties is a cookie swap, can you say hello Santa!) I’m sure more invites will arrive as we get closer to Christmas.

I’m a baker. I love to make cake, pies, cookies, candy, all things sweet.  As we get closer to Christmas I start making (and tasting) the treats I make for my neighbors and friends as gifts.  Oh, what a slippery slope I ride on every year.

Last year was the first time that I didn’t gain weight over the holidays! I actually stayed at my professional beach volleyball in season weight through the New Year.  I usually gain about 10 pounds during my off season, only to lose it all again for the next season.  This year I have had an extremely long off season due to the fact that I only played in one event. I’m proud to announce that I weigh less now than I have probably since the 9th grade!  I’m feeling lean and amazing!

So, how did I Eat Like Santa, and Look like a movie star over the holidays? Well obviously if I ate like Santa I wasn’t eating perfectly.  I LOVE to eat, and I love appetizers and treats, and I still ended up making it through the holidays without gaining a pound.

My secret:

1. Get Moving!!!

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato.  Workout 4-6 days a week. Yep, 4-6 days a week, you’ll feel so much better!  You will be moving your body, working it, so that you have room for a treat here and there. Notice I said here and there! Don’t go crazy because it’s the holidays. Enjoy them but don’t overindulge. When we workout we naturally desire to eat better too.

2.  Mini Buffet.

At a party you will have tons of food to choose from.  Make your choices wisely.  Walk around and see what’s available BEFORE you start piling food on your plate.  Then pick a few items that are the healthiest for you out of the lot. I know you’ll have your eye on a couple of sweet treats. If that’s the case grab a small sliver of one or two of the treats you are dying to taste. Not a whole piece. Many times when we get a large piece we feel we must eat the whole thing, when our tummy would be just as satisfied with a small taste of it.

3.  Toss It!

If something you taste isn’t up to par, don’t feel like you have to finish it. Just toss it. Why eat it, wasting valuable calories that you can save on something else.  I think this tip alone has saved me hundreds of calories at parties and events!

What are your secrets to keeping the weight off during the holidays?

Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids


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Should You Eat Until You Feel Full?

If you’ve been reading this blog for anytime, you know that I LOVE to EAT!  I can be happy a lot of times just thinking of good food, and food combinations.  I was avoiding thinking about our Easter dinner menu because I knew I had to go shopping for the items.  But, once I started thinking about what we’d have for dinner, I just couldn’t stop!  I was scouring the internet looking for new things, things that sounded scrumptious, things that made me want to eat them right off the computer screen.

OK, I know I’m a little over the top sometimes.  But, this shows you how much I really LOVE food.  I must admit that sometimes I go crazy eating food and just don’t stop myself.  For example, this week we went to my sister-in-law’s restaurant, Dhat Island, and I had been thinking about it for days!  I love the food there, it’s one of the most highly rated restaurants in the Inland Empire.  Anyway, I ate so much that my stomach actually hurt.  I went beyond full to about to explode!!!  I do not recommend you doing this ever, but you’ve probably experienced this as well sometime in your life.

When we eat we rely on our “feelings” don’t we.  We eat when we feel hungry.  We drink when we feel thirsty.  Like I described above there are times that I don’t “feel” like stopping.  Other times, we don’t eat because we don’t feel like eating, because we aren’t hungry or are too busy.  Our feelings have a lot to do with our eating patterns, which in turn can affect our weight.

I always taught to clean my plate.  Before I could get up to play, or be excused from the table I had to finish everything on it, even if the portion was too big for me in the first place.  As I grew up I realized that this type of thinking wasn’t good.  Especially when the average American portion sizes have exploded!  Have you ever seen Super Size Me?

After college I started regulating the amount I ate by how I felt.  If I started to feel full I stopped eating.  Recently, I’ve learned not to even trust that, but instead to find out how many calories my body actually needs (I took a test where they hooked me up to some machine to let me know) and then I try to eat that amount or less.

Why You Can’t Eat Until You Feel Full

Most Americans just throw down their food like if they don’t eat it in 5 minutes it will disappear and they will never get any more.  I dare you, next time you sit down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner time yourself.  How long did it take you to eat your meal?  Our bodies take roughly about 30 minutes to feel full.  That’s why you cannot trust your feelings and eat until you feel full.  If I was to wait until I “felt full” most of the times I’d consume way over my allotment of calories for any given meal.  If you are wondering why you are gaining weight, you probably are eating until you feel full/satisfied.  Ladies, if I ate ice cream until I felt satisfied I probably would never get up from the table.  :)

Our appetites are complex.  We see food, smell food, taste food, and we have things going on in our brain that sometimes take awhile to tell us we are full.  Sometimes though, according to Harvard Mental Health, people who are obese, their receptors that are supposed to tell them they are full don’t.  They “may suffer from leptin resistance, meaning that they are less responsive to satiety or pleasure signals from this hormone.”

Count It Out

You say you want to get rid of that baby weight right?  Then don’t just eat until you feel full.  Count it out, the calories that is.  Try finding your “Magic Number To Weight Loss.”  You can get a nutritionist/dietician to help you figure our how much your body is actually burning so that you know how much your body needs in a day.  That’s what I did, when I was losing my baby weight.  You can use this personal calorie calculator as well by clicking here.

Until next time make good choices!

Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

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Spring Into Shape- Meal Plan Week 2

This meal plan is what Olympian Annett Davis will be eating during week two of the 2012 Spring Into Shape Challenge. This is NOT a diet plan.  We are not doctors and are not giving advice.  You must calculate your own calories for what your body needs.  This is not a weight loss plan.  The goal of this meal plan is healthy eating. Sure you could possibly lose weight, but that’s not our goal with this plan. You determine your portions.  Here’s a “handy portion guide” which will help you decide how much to eat.  To determine your daily caloric needs you can click here.  Everyone’s goals are different, so please do what’s right for you.

I hope you enjoyed eating from your healthy meal plan last week.  Feel free to use our free meal plan template to make your own meal plan, and put it on your fridge this week.  Remember we are planning to succeed!  If you are new this week, know that the attached meal plan is completely optional.  You can try a meal or two or none at all.  I know I get stuck in ruts sometimes, and meal plans like this help me to come up with new ideas that are tasty and sometimes adventurous for my family.

The image below of the meal plan is just an image. It does not have working links!  If you want the links to the actual recipes you must download the meal plan by clicking on the link below.

Click here for the Spring Into Shape Meal Plan Week 2 with links!

Let us know on our Facebook page if you try any of these recipes!  Some of my favorites are on here!

Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

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