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This Fit Mom’s No Muscle

Wanna know what this Fit Mom has been up to lately? A lot. A full schedule and a lot of saying no. Just ask Annett :) I said no to her “Better Me Challenge.” Because right now being a better me required me using my no muscle. It was a great challenge with a lot of great ideas and wonderful encouragement. But it was one of at least 15 Opportunities/requests I had gotten over the last few months – I started counting because I was preparing to teach a workshop at a conference about saying no. All the requests were good things – from blogging requests, to school volunteering and fundraising requests, to speaking requests, to two different fitness challenges . . . NO!

In January and February when all these other requests/opportunities rolled in, I was already leading and team teaching Bible Study at my church on Wednesday mornings (and sometimes Wednesday nights) and hosting a weekly college/young adult life group at my house. And then there is always the everyday life stuff like THREE CHILDREN, a sweet husband, cooking, cleaning, exercising, nurturing my relationship with God, and squirrel watching. Being overscheduled and overcommitted leads to mama meltdowns which benefits no one so I had to say no to a lot of good things.

And despite all my no muscle usage, I still had one solid MBD (mental breakdown day) in there with all the stuff I had previously said yes to. I am a work in process.

So I am here to encourage you overcommitters of the world to feel free to say no. No one will hate you unless he/she is a jerk in which case, who cares? The world will continue to spin and life will go on even if you say no!

After you have evaluated your schedule and made sure your priorities are in line and you have room in your schedule then . . .

Here are five questions that can help you to decide if you should say yes to that opportunity:

1. Does it fit your personality?

2. Does it fit your passions?

3. Does it fit your giftings?

(Chapters in the Bible that talk about spiritual gifts – I Corinth. 12, Romans 12, Ephesians 4, I Peter 4)

4. What does the sane and spiritual person in your life say about it?

(In my world, that’s my husband.)

5. Is God calling you to it?

(If you don’t believe in God, you’ll have to make up your own #5 :))

And with that, I am signing off from being a writer for Fit Moms Fit Kids. While it fits my personality, passions, and giftings . . . right now it doesn’t fit into my schedule. I will be devoting more time to speaking (with more traveling) in addition to trying to keep up on my own blog. Please come visit me in the blogosphere or facebooksphere. And please check out my speaking schedule to see if I will be speaking in your area – maybe we can meet in real life and do some push-ups or something.

Thanks to Annett for allowing to take up space here and for her passion for Fit Moms and Fit Kids!

Wendy Hagen

Wendy Hagen, Author "Totally Desperate Mom: Keeping It Real In The Motherhood"

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So Long Sugar, Until the Turkey Comes

Confession: I have a major sweet tooth. I love home-baked goodies. I love hot chocolate. I wish I could be as strong at Fit Mom Lori who has no refined sugar in her house. But what about cake pops? And dark chocolate? And cream cheese chocolate chip cookies? There’s nothing like a homemade treat made with real butter and real (processed and refined) sugar. But refined sugar has no nutritional value whatsoever. In fact, it is really bad for you.

That being said, I am personally okay with most things moderation. Even treats. But what does that mean? Once a week? Once a day? Once every five minutes?

Lately I have been getting away from moderation and into obsession. At least one treat almost every day. Or maybe two. Or like the other night when I had four chocolate chip cookies. (They were so good.) And because I am consuming more sugar, I crave it more. I am still working out hard so it is not really affecting my body visibly, but I know it is not good for me.

But I decided (and dragged my husband along with me because it is easier when someone else is doing it with you) that I was going to cut out sugar for a while. My husband is a bit more extreme than me so he said “No sugar until Thanksgiving.”

That is crazy.

I responded “One treat a week until Thanksgiving.” (I don’t like doing things too extreme because I feel it sets you up for failure and then you bail on the whole thing – thus the treat allowance.)

His comeback “One treat every two weeks until Thanksgiving.”

Fine. No sugar – not even maple syrup or honey, which are natural sugars. (I know sugar is in just about everything like milk, bread, etc. We are not cutting out all that. Just treaty things.)

It’s on. Started on Wednesday, September 28th.

How are you doing on your sugar intake? Do you want to marry it like I do? Do you want to join Shiloh and I on this little treat fast? Once you go public it is hard to turn back . . .
Wendy Hagen

Wendy Hagen, Author "Totally Desperate Mom: Keeping It Real In The Motherhood"

For more of Wendy check out her awesome blog here. She has a great book, and you can check out her speaking schedule there too!

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Totally Desperate Mom Winner

The winner of our own Wendy Hagen’s fabulous book


Steph! Congratulations!

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Snack-Pack Attack

Wanna know how to make your fruit and vegetable life a little easier for you and your children?

The Snack Pack.

Veggie Snack Pack

My friend introduced me to this idea so don’t go congratulating me or nominating me for any awards.
I got my pack from The Container Store.
I fill it. My kids and I eat it. When it is empty, I refill it.
When my kids are “starving” an hour after they did not finish their dinner . . . they are always welcome to have Snack-Pack action.

You’d be surprised how much more willing and enthusiastic my kids are about eating from the Snack Pack simply because:
1. They have access it to it whenever they want. They feel independent and empowered.
2. It is in a special container. They like containers with compartments.
Kids eating veggies

And of course, Mom and Dad can eat from it too. If they like germs. You might just want to invest in two Snack Packs.
Wendy Hagen

Wendy Hagen, Author "Totally Desperate Mom: Keeping It Real In The Motherhood"

For more of Wendy click here.

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