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25 Holiday Health Hacks- part 3

Welcome back to the holiday health hack series! If you missed the first two days, go back and check them out! Starting here and then here.

Here are 10 more hacks to get you through the season.

1-3.  3 in 1!

Check out my post over at Happy Wives Club to find out 3 Secrets to avoid holiday weight gain! Last year was the first year I didn’t gain extra weight over the holidays. These were my top 3 secrets! Check them out.

4.  Go Big Early! 

Start your day off by eating your biggest meal in the morning. As you go through your day you’ll taper off your meals, ending with the smallest meal of the day.

5.  Eat Often!

Many times when we know we have a party to attend we “save our calories” for the party. We don’t eat all day and then we splurge at the big event.  When we do this we tend to eat much more than we would have of fattening party foods than we would have if we had eaten small sensible amounts all day. Don’t skip meals on party day, eat small meals throughout the day, and follow my buffet tip from the Happy Wives Club post.

6.  Change it Up!

For the holidays we tend to cook our most fattening recipes in our repertoire. I know I can be guilty of this. During the week, on your non party days, plan your meals using your healthiest recipes.  The kale you’ve always wanted to try, or the quinoa dish.  This is a great time to make healthy meals for your family (so you can enjoy a little taste of other stuff at a party).  Check out and follow my Get Fit With Annett Pinterest page for some healthy recipe ideas!

7.  Juice it Up!

With all the junk surrounding me from the 2 cookie parties I went to last week, I feel the need to get some extra nutrition in my body.  Grab your juicer or blender and start juicing up some green juice! You’ll feel lighter and healthier instantly.

8.  Get Fat!

No, I’m not telling you to gain a lot of weight.  I am suggesting that you forget about all of the no-fat and lowfat foods you’ve been buying.  Those types of foods usually have added extra sugar and more salt then their regular fat counterparts making them actually worse for you.  Everyone needs some fat in their meals. Try coconut oil for healthy Omega 3 and 6!  (Virgin and unrefined organic is the best option!)

9.  Balance it out!

Don’t just eat an apple by itself.  Always balance your meals out with a carb, protein and healthy fat.  So, instead of just eating an apple (pure carb with natural sugars which can spike your insulin levels – the real culprit of weight gain)… eat an apple with a TBS of almond butter which provides you with some protein and healthy fat.  This will balance our your insulin levels so you won’t have that unhealthy spike that makes you gain weight.

10.  Veg out!

Tis the season for lots of junk food.  You need to decide, “Not in YOUR house!”  Fill your fridge with tons of greens, and veggies like carrots, broccoli, snap peas, jicama, and tomatoes.  When you bring them home from the store clean and cut them into bite size pieces and place them in baggies or on a tray.  Everyday, when it’s snack time or take that tray out and your favorite hummus and eat away! Veg out, at least once a day. :)

What’s YOUR favorite tip during the holidays?

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