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Healthy Eating For Kids

Today I have a review for you of an eCookbook called Healthy Eating For Kids. This book has a ton of fun healthy recipes for kids.  For disclosure purposes I want to let you know that I did receive a copy of this eBook for free so that I can look through it to let you know what I think. The opinions in this review are 100% mine. So, here we go…

The first thing I liked about this eBook is that it’s 78 pages long. Sometimes, when you get an eBook it can be under 20 pages. If I was buying it I’d like to make sure I was getting my money’s worth. It’s definitely worth the money.   Just reading the introduction of this eBook got me excited. I totally agree with the author when he says that “Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a chore for your children. By thinking of eating healthier as an adventure
rather than as a diet, finding foods that are fun and tasty for kids as well as being satisfying and nutrient-rich, and letting your children participate in selecting and preparing their own meals, you can make healthy eating exciting.” This is one of the things we believe in at Fit Moms Fit Kids Club. We LOVE for our kids to help prepare meals, and eating healthy should be a positive and fun adventure!

Healthy Eating for Children includes a selection of over 60 fun and healthy recipes in six different categories, including:

Lunch at Home
Packed Lunches for School
Evening Meals at Home

Each recipe is designed to include the vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients that your child needs to stay healthy, strong, focused, and energetic. Some of the recipes are Applesauce with Cinnamon Tortilla Dippers, Wicked Stepmother’s Black Apple Juice, Homemade Ginger Ale, Taco Stuffed Potatoes, Robin Hood Wrap, Squashed Mac-n-Cheese, and Simply Be-licious Sorbet. My kids loved the titles of these recipes. I think with cool names like this kids will want to try them!

One of the recipes I’m looking forward to trying is the Sneaky Spaghetti Sauce. This “sneaky sauce” adds zucchini, broccoli, carrots, and eggplant into the sauce by pureeing it first! You don’t have to worry about your kids freaking out about the color, or the texture because it’ll all be hidden in the sauce! According to the Healthy Eating For Kids eCookbook you can swap out the veggies, and try different ones every time. This healthy cookbook for families gives suggestions on what to use.

Final thoughts? I like it a lot!  I think this eCookbook would be a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. If you are looking for pictures and fancy fonts, this isn’t for you.  It’s a no frills, simple eCookbook, with some great ideas.  I found that they were very thoughtful in using low to no salt in the recipes. Low to no sugar options. The recipes used fresh veggies and fruit most of the time. Even the meatball recipe has you to finely shred zucchini to mix into the lean ground beef. I loved the dessert ideas! The desserts were all desserts I would not mind giving to my own kids. It fact, it’s given me a ton of ideas of desserts we can have that I won’t feel bad about them (or me) eating. One example is the Simply Be-licious Sorbet. This would be quick and easy to make, and a great ice cream alternative that uses 2 types berries! There were no exotic ingredients, lots of fresh items, and many things you probably have already in your pantry.

If you are a busy mom looking for a cookbook with fast and simple healthy meals, healthy snacks, healthy drinks, and healthy lunch ideas that your kids would enjoy, this book is for you!

To order your copy Click Here!

Click Here For Kindle Version

Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

For Full Disclosure Click Here
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Fit Meals By Kids- Strawberry Banana Spread

Have you ever wanted to make something and you reach into the fridge, and it just isn’t there?!?! When that happens I usually feel a little bit like a failure of a mom.  I’m supposed to be the one supplying the food for our family, yet I forgot something, it’s missing.  :(  Well this week it inevitably happened again.  I say inevitably because I’m not perfect and I will never have it all together.  Thankfully I have a family who loves me and is FULL of GRACE.

This time…my husband was home with the kiddos and my daughter wanted her favorite lunchtime meal, PB&J.  He opened the fridge and there was no jelly!  For the last 2 years I’ve been making my own jam. I usually have a stash piled up in the pantry of peach jam, strawberry preserves, apricot jam, apple jelly, plum jam, and my favorite pluot jam that I make during the yummy fruit seasons!  But we ran out of our supply from last spring/summer about a month ago.  I vowed that I wouldn’t buy any from the store.  Thankfully, right on time, a friend bought us over a jar of her homemade peach and mango jam as a thank you gift for inviting her over for the special Royal Tea Party.  I was saved, and it bought me a little more time to make my own.  Well, I still haven’t made any jam or jelly, and that jar is gone!

Victoria, who is my little 5 year old sous chef, was told by my hubby that we were all out of jelly, which usually would have ended with a sigh and a long drawn our “awwwwwwww”.  This time though her little wheels in her brain turned inside as she told him “Silly Daddy, we’ll make some jelly!”

Byron, who loves to practice using his camera making short videos, made this cute video of Victoria making her own Strawberry Banana (and apricot, she says peach in the video) Sandwich Spread.  This is 100% Victoria without coaching from Byron.  She’s definitely a little creative chef in training.  By the way, please ignore the messy kitchen… :) And, yes the bananas were on their last leg.  Glad my little chef still thought she could use them.  I was going to make banana bread out of them today.  I guess I’ll make a bunch of jelly from the strawberries in season today instead!

I hope your kids enjoy this episode of Fit Meals By Kids!

Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

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Magnificent Portobello Mushroom Burger

Sometimes when things are good you just have to brag.  I try to stay humble 99.9% of the time, but today I just can’t.  Last night I made the most magnificent portobello mushroom burger ever!  I heard yums, and smacking with every bite from my entire family (yep kids included).  When I make something as good as this I’ve got to share. The best part was this meal was completely meatless.  If you’ve been wanting to try a “Meatless Monday” this is one recipe you’ve got to try!  The portobello mushroom is so yummy and “meaty” that you won’t even miss the beef!

Annett’s Magnificent Portobello Mushroom Burger

2 packages of pre-sliced portobello mushrooms caps

(or 4 large portobello mushroom caps cleaned with stems removed)

1 tablespoon Grapeseed Oil (or oil of your choice)

4-6 cloves of garlic chopped

1 red onion sliced

1 avocado

2 medium tomatoes sliced

1 tbs non or low fat mayo

4 whole wheat buns

slices of mozzarella cheese

Balsamic Vinegar

sea salt or other seasonings (optional)

In a plastic bag place the cleaned sliced mushrooms and garlic.  Generously shake balsamic vinegar into bag until mushrooms are well coated, but not soaked! Just add enough to coat. Shake bag around to ensure both sides of mushrooms are coated with the balsamic vinegar.  Let bag sit for 15 minutes to let mushrooms marinate.  While mushrooms marinate prepare your toppings.  Heat oil in a frying pan on medium high heat (I used a griddle to make more at once).  Cook red onions until they are softened, about 3 minutes and then remove from heat.

In a bowl take the avocado insides (minus the seed) and put it in a bowl.  Add the mayo to the bowl and stir until well combined.  This is your spread for the bread.  You can season it with cajun seasonings if you like spice.

After mushrooms have marinated for 15 minutes, pour out contents of plastic bag in frying pan and cook until mushrooms have softened (about 5-7 minutes).  Make sure you turn them a few times to cook both sides thoroughly.  Sprinkle with salt or other seasonings of your choice (optional).   After the mushrooms have cooked add slices of mozzarella cheese on top and let melt.

Now it’s time to build your burger!  If you like you can toast your buns.  Spread the avocado spread on the top and bottom bun on the inside.  Load up your bun with mushrooms, and top with the onions and tomatoes.  Enjoy!

***You can also make this delicious meal on the grill!  Instead of using sliced mushrooms, use a cleaned out mushroom cap and follow the rest of the directions (grilling the onions and mushrooms).  It makes a great healthy camping meal!  You can take your mushrooms pre-packed in the garlic/balsamic vinegar plastic bag in your cooler.


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Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

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Stefanie’s Super Shrimp Spinach Bowl

This week I am in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland.  Wow I LOVE this place!  I’m staying in a super cool part of the city called Fell’s Point.  It’s very hip and yet quaint at the same time.  The road is made out of old cobblestones and it’s right on the water.  Just beautiful!  I’m here for the inaugral NVL (National Volleyball League) tournament.  I was extremely blessed to get to stay with a wonderful woman by the name of Stefanie.  She was generous enough to offer my partner for the weekend Lisa and I a place to stay for the week.  Not only did she give us an incredibly cute place to stay, she also cooked for us!  One quick, easy, and healthy meal that Stefanie made for us was an amazing Shrimp Spinach Bowl.  Since she made it up I decided to name it after Stef.  Here’s to you Stepfanie!  I hope you Fit Moms love this as much as I did!

Stefanie’s Super Shrimp Spinach Bowl

(serves 4)

8 cups of spinach

20-30  medium shrimp (peeled, cleaned, deveined)

5 cloves of garlic diced (yes we LOVE garlic)

2 cups of cooked brown rice

1/2 to 1 tbsp Chinese black bean sauce

In a large pot saute garlic for 1 minute on medium heat. Add shrimp until almost cooked.   Stir in black bean sauce.  Add spinach and a little water.  Saute until spinach is wilted.

Place 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice in each serving bowl and top with the shrimp and spinach mix.  Stir to mix the ingredients.  Enjoy!

*Chinese black bean sauce is extremely HIGH in sodium.  Drink a ton of water if you are going to eat this.  Also, if you are on a low sodium diet this is NOT for you!  If you are on a low sodium diet you can still enjoy a shrimp and spinach bowl, just add other things like ginger or cajun seasonings for a different twist with less sodium.

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