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Fit Chat with Annett- interview with Tina From Faith Fitness Fun

On the episode of Fit Chat with Annett, Annett interviews Tina who blogs at www.FaithFitnessFun.com.  The ladies discuss not weighing yourself, stopping the “fat talk”, how to teach children about body image, and more.

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I Need Your Votes…pretty please

women's health badge

Hi Ladies!  I need your help!  Women’s Health is asking people to vote for their favorite fitness, health, weight loss, and lifestyle blogs on the web.  If you like Fit Moms Fit Kids Club, will you please consider voting for us??

Pretty please!

Yes, I am begging…

It’s really easy to do.  You just go to Women’s Health and fill out the quick form that won’t take you more than a minute (I promise).  The form asks for our URL which is http://www.fitmomsfitkidsclub.com you can just cut and paste it from here if you like.  :)  It also asks for genre which you can choose health if you like (though we fit other genres there).

Why am I asking you to vote for Fit Moms Fit Kids Club? It really helps our site to grow when we get opportunities like this.  We get more readers who can join us in our goal of having 1 million moms decide to live healthy lifestyles.  And, that’s just cool!  I mean to be able to help moms change their lives, and the lives of their families making them more fit and healthy would be a dream come true.  It also, brings in more sponsors and support to help us bring you ladies more and more cool  stuff (because I know you like your free swag, you’ve told me you want more).  :)  It also allows us to encourage, empower, and inspire one another.  The more moms doing it, the more we start to believe that we can do it to.  Well together Fit Moms United We Can!

Please go on over and VOTE for Fit Moms Fit Kids Club! (1 minute or less, I promise)


Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

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Our Biggest Giveaway To Start The New Year-closed

Happy New Year Fit Moms!

CONTEST ENDED! We hope that 2010 was a great year for you and your family, and we pray that 2011 will be even better!  To start this New Year off with a BANG we are having our BIGGEST giveaway to date worth almost $200!!! These products will help you get going on your family’s health and fitness goals for 2011.

Here’s What You Can Win!

One Fit Moms Fit Kids Club Reader Will Win!

  • One pair of Bolle’ Rattler Performance Eyewear (retail value at Sunglass Hut $99.95).  This pair of sunglasses has a shiny black frame with a polarized inland gold lens.  I sometimes wear this type when shopping around town, or playing beach volleyball.
  • One Silicone Power Balance Wristband (retail value at Power Balance $29.95)  Power Balance is based on the idea of optimizing the body’s natural energy flow, similar to concepts behind many Eastern philosophies. The hologram in Power Balance is designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body. I’m not sure if it really does anything or not, depends on who you ask.  Many pro-athletes including founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids Club Annett Davis, and her good friend Pro Beach Volleyball player Priscilla Lima wear the wristbands.  Shaquille O’neal,  Drew Brees and more wear it as well. Thanks Priscilla for donating this for the giveaway!
  • One HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle (valued at $29.95 by Sportline).  These cool intelligent bottles were featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  I am currently reviewing it, and love it! Given to YOU by EB Sports Brands.  I’ll be posting my review video soon.
  • Two Sweaty Bands!  These are my favorite sports head bands to work out in! You’ll get one 1 1/2 inch Chakra Dots Sweaty Band (valued at $18) AND you’ll also receive one 1 inch Skinny Scroll Down Your Play List (sage, brown, and cream, $15 value) Sweaty Band! Thanks Sweaty Bands!  (if you want to see me in the Check Me Out style, click here, but it’s mine, not part of the giveaway.  :)
  • One Healthy Habits Kids Plate (valued at $4.99)!  The healthy habits kids plate teaches kids that half of their plate should be filled with fruits and veggies,  just 1/4 protein, and the final 1/4 with grains.  My daughter LOVES her plate!  It’s a great reminder for adults as well.

How To Win!


(ALL entries MUST have your email included in the email field  (It will not show up for public viewing if you write it in the email field.  We must have your email to contact you in case you win. So please include it in the email field. Thanks!)

Mandatory Entry leave a comment below sharing your New Years Resolution (if you don’t have one, tell us how you plan on being healthy or getting your family healthy in 2011).  (1 entry, don’t forget your email)

BIG BONUS ENTRY- Take the Fit Moms Fit Kids Club Pledge (on the right bar, don’t be scared, it’s easy!) and let me know by leaving a comment and email address in case you win. (4 entries, leave 4 comments)  (if you have already taken the pledge, just let me know in the comments along with your email address so I can check and you get your 4 entries as well, for extra entry methods see below).

You can get EXTRA ENTRIES by following us each of these other ways, and letting us know by leaving a comment on how you are following.  (if you don’t leave a comment with your email address it doesn’t count).

  1. Subscribe via email or RSS feed to Fit Moms Fit Kids Club on the top right (2 entries, leave  2 comments)
  2. Follow on Twitter (@FitMomsUnited) (2 entries, leave 2 comments)
  3. Follow on Facebook (2 entries, leave 2 comments)

More Extra Entries -To increase your chances of winning even more, do any of the following and then leave a comment on this post telling me what you did. Each comment is worth one entry so make sure and leave a separate comment for each one you do. Also make sure that I have a valid email address so I can contact you if you win!

  • 1 Entry (Per Day) – Tell others about the giveaway (you can blog it, facebook it, or tweet it – just tell me how you did it and leave me a link to it) If you’re tweeting it, please use the following “I just entered an almost $200 valued prize pack #giveaway from @fitmomsunited at fitmomsfitkidsclub.com http://bit.ly/gMMpqO”
  • 1 Entry – “Like” Bolle’ on facebook
  • 1 Entry- “Follow” “Bolle’ on twitter
  • 1 Entry- “Like” Sportline on facebook
  • 1 Entry- “Follow” Sportline on twitter
  • 1 Entry- “Like” Power Balance on facebook
  • 1 Entry- “Follow” Power Balance on twitter
  • 1 Entry- “Like” AVP Pro Priscilla Lima on facebook
  • 1 Entry- “Like” Sweaty Bands on facebook
  • 1 Entry- “Follow Sweaty Bands on twitter
  • 1 Entry- “Like” Healthy Kids on facebook
  • 1 Entry- “Follow” Healthy Kids on twitter

CONTEST ENDED! Giveaway ends Saturday January 22, 2011 11:55 PM PST. All entries submitted after the closing time are void and will be deleted. Only one entry allowed per method – items cannot be repeated daily unless specifically stated. All entries must include your email address, you may not enter under multiple email addresses.  Failure to comply by any of the contest rules will result in disqualification. Make sure you leave a comment for each entry (for instance if it’s worth 2 entries you need to leave 2 comments) if you don’t do this your extra entries won’t count. This contest is open to residents of the U.S.  The winner will be selected via random.org  and then announced on my blog and contacted via email. The winner will then have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. So make sure to check your spam just in case.

Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links.  So, if you buy..well, I get to buy my poor little kids some food or something.  It’s tough living on a pastors salary :) I did receive some free samples to review because  I’m so lovable.  But, the opinions expressed in this post are authentic. The giveaway prize is being supplied by multiple sponsors.   If for some reason you didn’t receive your winnings or if loss or damage has occurred to yourself or you property from participating in the giveaways, Fit Moms Fit Kids cannot be held responsible.

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Meet The Fit Moms Fit Kids Club Blog Team

Don’t miss out on all the latest news and contest opportunities here at Fit Moms Fit Kids Club.

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Meet The Fit Moms Fit Kids Club Blog Team

Annett Davis- Olympian, Professional Beach Volleyball Player, Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids Club.  She has 2 bright and amazing children that she homeschools.  She’s also an entrepreneur, has published works, and is married to her college sweetheart who blogs over at www.onlinecoachingprofits.com.  Annett writes on current news, keep you abreast of organizations to follow, causes to get behind and support (if you like), fun or interesting facts, recipes, tips, she also reviews products/services and more! (about Annett)

Wendy Hagen Author of “Totally Desperate Mom: Keepin’ It Real In The Motherhood” and mother of 3 kids under 6,  will share with you tips on family fitness for moms with little ones!  Her “Totally Desperate Moms” posts will have you laughing and help you stay sane. (intro post)

Michelle Kyman- Owner of Embody Fitness training has 2 children.  She gained 75 pounds during EACH pregnancy, and lost the weight both times.  She will share with you tips on getting your body back after babies! Check out her posts under the “Post Pregnancy Weight Loss” category. (Intro post)

Nikki Steven- Owner of Method Motivation, Mealology,  and founder of Children’s Fitness Foundation helps moms and kids get fit.  Nikki is the proud mother of 3, and she’ll be sharing with you tips to helping you be a Fit Mom with “Fit Kids” for life!  You can read Nikki’s posts under the “Fit Kids” category. (intro post)

Lori Rivas- Homeschooling mom of 4 kids.  She is our organic/natural mommy!  Lori shares with you her journey of going from conventional to organic, and tells you the health benefits of the natural way!  Check out Lori’s popular posts under the “Organic Moms” category. (intro post)

Ani Perkins- Professional organizer, and the owner and founder of “Organize Yourselves”  specializing in home organization.  Ani is the proud mother of 2 beautiful and energetic girls. She will give you practical tips on “making your home a house of order” so that you can experience the peace of mind that you need to meet your family fitness goals.  You can read Ani’s posts under the “Organizing Your Home And Life” category. (intro post)

Loren Slocum- Founder, CEO, and President of LoBella International, an organization inspired to help women stay “true to who they are.”  She is a speaker, entrepreneur, and author of “Life Tune Ups”, “No Greater Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom”, and “The Greatest Love Being an Extraordinary Mom”.  Loren is the mother of a teen, tween, and a toddler, she has 3 successful businesses without a nanny! Be inspired by Loren, and find out how a busy working mom can have total fitness (physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial fitness).  Check out her posts under the “Fit Working Moms” category. (intro post)

Katie Lindquist Jameson- Professional Beach Volleyball player, and when she’s not on the sand, she teaches cute kindergarten students.  A favorite among fans, this hard working woman is now a mother to be.  If you are a expecting you’ve got to follow Katie’s posts as she talks about the adventures as a Fit Mama 2B. (intro post)

****Information contained in this website is not meant to be taken as medical advice, we are not licensed medical physicians; the information presented should not replace the medical advice of your doctor or pediatrician.

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