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M&V Kid Challenge

A lot of kids growing up today don’t get the proper amount of exercise, and many have a vegetable on their plate about once a week.  As a member of the Fit Moms Fit Kids Club we are here to support each other to make those facts things of the past.  Your child may be afraid to eat something green now, but by the end of the year we hope that will all change!

Who doesn’t like a challenge?  Kids especially love it when a parent gives them a challenge.  They love it even more when another kid challenges them.  Remember when someone would double dog dare you?  When that happened, you just had to do it!  Well a couple of times a month FitMomsFitKidsClub.com will post a M & V Kids Challenge posted to “double dog dare” your kids to live healthier lives.  Make sure you share it with them.  M stands for Mya, our 10 year old brainiac son, and V stands for Victoria, our 5 1/2 year old princess.  As I’ve said before, YOU aren’t in this alone.  I have to come up with fun and creative ways to encourage my kids to live healthy lifestyles.  The catch is, I won’t make up all of these challenges myself,  Mya and Victoria are going to help me, help you encourage your kids to stay fit for life with them!

This weeks M&V Kid Challenge:

Drink Plenty of Water!!! It’s HOT right now all over the USA.  See if you can drink more than your brother or sister.  We double dog dare you to see if you can drink as much as your mom or dad!

If you are thirsty you waited to long to get a drink!  Drink before you get thirsty.  :)   Let us know how you did.

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What’s A Healthy Child’s BMI?

What Is A Healthy BMI?

A child’s BMI percentile shows how his or her BMI compares with other boys or girls of the same age.  For children and teens, overweight is defined differently than it is for adults. Since boys and girls develop at different rates, and they are constantly growing, how their BMI is measured must be different from adults.   Therefore, the body mass index (BMI) for children 2 to 20 years old is determined by using a BMI table that compares their weight and height along with growth charts. The growth charts use a child’s BMI, age, and gender to produce a BMI percentile.

You want your child’s BMI to be between the 5th and less then the 85th percentile.

If your child’s BMI is in the 5th percentile this means that 95% of the population has a higher BMI
than your child. Staying with in the Healthy Weight Category keeps your child at a
healthy range. Please visit the CDC.gov  website to learn more about BMI for children and

*This has been added to this post after the initial publication from the CDC site to further explain BMI:

“BMI is used as a screening tool to identify
possible weight problems for children. CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend the use of BMI to screen for overweight and obesity in children beginning at 2 years old.

For children, BMI is used to screen for obesity, overweight, healthy weight, or underweight. However, BMI is not a diagnostic tool. For example, a child may have a high BMI for age and sex, but to determine if excess fat is a problem, a health care provider would need to perform further assessments. These assessments might include skinfold thickness measurements, evaluations of diet, physical activity, family history, and other appropriate health screenings.”

Please click on the charts below to see your child’s BMI.

body mass index girls

body mass index boys

FYI, there is a great website that allows you to calculate your child’s BMI!  It’s called www.nourishinteractive. They have two versions.  One version for parents where it’ll give you the straight facts about your child’s BMI percentage.   And, they have a kid friendly version so your child can see where they are.  Instead of a percentage, children receive positive messages about improving their exercise and nutrition habits!

Download our  FREE Daily Method Of Success Log to help your child track his/her fun fitness activities!  This will help them see how much they are really moving!  You can use incentives, and positive reinforcements to make it more fun!

Nikki Steven

Nikki Steven, Founder of Method Motivation, Founder of Mealology, Founder and Program Developer of the Children's Fitness Foundation

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How To Keep The Holiday Pounds AWAY

Hi Fit Moms!! Are we ready for the holidays?? I know I’m not…too much for a busy mom to think about, right? Well, one thing we NEED to think about and PREPARE for is all the yummy food that is headed our way! Whether it be parties, Thanksgiving weekend (I say weekend because in reality, the Thanksgiving “food” lasts longer than one day! Can you say, “leftovers”?), edible gifts, and pretty much the entire month of December, including New Years! We are hit with a month and a half of alcohol and rich foods that contain a lot of calories, sugar, and fat. But, they taste so good, it’s hard to resist, right??? WRONG! I’m here to give you some ideas to enjoy the holiday season, while keeping those extra pounds at bay.

First, the most important part, is to recognize that you are going to be faced with making choices all season long. Make a commitment to yourself now that enjoying the holidays doesn’t mean eating your way through them! Think ahead, and how the beginning of the year is going to feel when you have an extra 10-12 pounds to loose because you couldn’t control your eating.  No one wants that.

Secondly, look at your calendar and prepare yourself. You’ll know ahead of time when parties and holiday gatherings are going to take place. On the days that you don’t have a celebration, be disciplined with your eating. Try to stay within your calorie limits, don’t cheat, and workout a little longer/harder to make up for those calories you’ll enjoy later.

Next, eat a small meal right before you go to your party so you don’t over-indulge. If you do choose to have a drink, make it a wine spritzer or a vodka-soda…stay away from high-calorie drinks that include kalua and egg nog. Fill your plate first with fruit and veggies before you hit the dessert table. DO NOT “hang out” in the kitchen or near the buffet table, you will only eat more because it’s there!

Edible gifts….during the holiday season people love to bake and give goodies as gifts! Learn to re-gift or share these tasty treats. If you are planning your own party, and have the control of planning the menu, find recipes that are healthy and low calorie. Believe me, people will thank you!

Lastly, work out harder!! It is true that we ALL eat and drink more during the holidays, so plan accordingly! Add 15 more minutes to your cardio workout, bump up your level on the elliptical, or add another day to your week.

You can get through this holiday season without putting on those extra pounds, you just have to plan and be smart!!

Fit Moms, you’ll do great!!!! Enjoy the holidays for what they are meant to be about…be thankful, celebrate life, and spend quality time with family and friends!!

Michelle Kyman

Orange County, Ca

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Clean To Be LEAN (part 2)

Post by Ani Perkins
(This is part 2 of Clean To Be Lean.  Click here for Part 1.)
When cleaning be mindful of your posture and technique!

CLEANING FLOOR: maintain good form! :)

ABS: keep ’em tight!

Reaching & Cleaning: Keep back straight, arms extended, be repetitive!


Don’t let the laundry pile up and overwhelm you!
Fold and put away a load a day. Every little bit counts!

So instead of looking like this…

you could do a little everyday and look like this!

Aside from the physical benefits of cleaning your house, there are also psychological benefits.

A clean home is a relaxing home and thus a healthy home.

The concept I’m trying to get you to adopt is, if you are doing the chore anyway, by adding purpose, and technique behind them, you can really define and tone your muscles!


*Turn up the music and dance while cleaning.
No matter what chore you have on your “to do list,” upbeat, motivational music makes it more fun.

  • Wash windows vigorously and alternate arms.
    The stretching motion for the higher spots will make your arms and torso leaner.
    (nicely tone arms are a great motivator)
    Do the movements repetitively for every window.

    * Vacuum faster. This is where a heavy vacuum comes in handy.
    Push and pull quickly while sucking in your tummy to give yourself a great AB workout.

    Try to keep your back straight and don’t hunch over.
    Do the same when mopping or sweeping. Work up a sweat!

    Clean one room downstairs, then one room upstairs and alternate so that you are climbing the stairs more often.

    This is a great butt and thigh workout that you can get while at home.
    (tell me this is not motivating you!)

    Take the stairs two at a time for even better results!

    *Move big furniture and clean underneath, being 100% sure you’re keeping your back straight and tummy tightened. (If it’s too heavy, or if you have a hurt back, use common sense get help.) Use your legs too.

    The more times you scoot out the sofa, the more toned your arms will be.

    I repeat… doing these small daily chores can help maintain
    an orderly home as well as a healthy, fit bod.

    You will be amazed at how productive & accomplished you will feel everyday!

    So ladies, the next time you walk through your living room and see things scattered about- remember to suck in your gut, maintain good posture and go get a workout by feathering two nests with one duster!


    (calculations based on a 165 pound person)
  • 30 minutes of Activity
    Calories Burned
    Muscles worked
    Tones shoulder and biceps
    Mopping floors
    100- 125
    Tones shoulders and biceps
    Tones shoulders, biceps and triceps
    Cleaning the gutters
    Tones shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs
    Arms, back, legs
    Mowing the Lawn
    Arms, back, legs
    Raking leaves
    Arms, legs, back
    Cleaning the windows
    Arms, legs, back
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