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Treadmill Friend or Foe? (short funny 1min video)

This is a funny video that I’m SURE some of you Fit Moms can relate to.  I remember my first experience on a fancy treadmill,  with all the buttons and functions, I didn’t know what to push!!!  Take a minute to watch this, reminisce, laugh, and enjoy!

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Smoking Can Be Dangerous To Your Heath (funny video)

Smoking Can Be Dangerous To Your Health.  Check out this quick and funny video that shows why.

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Toxic Chemical Lobby: Exclusive Leaked Footage ( mini video)

I saw this and thought it was a cute/funny video so I had to share!  Enjoy!  (NOTE: This has a scene that may not be suitable for kids, parental guidance is suggested! Because of the one second shot, this is rated PG by FMFKC)

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Join The Revolution!

Join The Revolution!

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