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Fit Meals By Kids- Strawberry Banana Spread

Have you ever wanted to make something and you reach into the fridge, and it just isn’t there?!?! When that happens I usually feel a little bit like a failure of a mom.  I’m supposed to be the one supplying the food for our family, yet I forgot something, it’s missing.  :(  Well this week it inevitably happened again.  I say inevitably because I’m not perfect and I will never have it all together.  Thankfully I have a family who loves me and is FULL of GRACE.

This time…my husband was home with the kiddos and my daughter wanted her favorite lunchtime meal, PB&J.  He opened the fridge and there was no jelly!  For the last 2 years I’ve been making my own jam. I usually have a stash piled up in the pantry of peach jam, strawberry preserves, apricot jam, apple jelly, plum jam, and my favorite pluot jam that I make during the yummy fruit seasons!  But we ran out of our supply from last spring/summer about a month ago.  I vowed that I wouldn’t buy any from the store.  Thankfully, right on time, a friend bought us over a jar of her homemade peach and mango jam as a thank you gift for inviting her over for the special Royal Tea Party.  I was saved, and it bought me a little more time to make my own.  Well, I still haven’t made any jam or jelly, and that jar is gone!

Victoria, who is my little 5 year old sous chef, was told by my hubby that we were all out of jelly, which usually would have ended with a sigh and a long drawn our “awwwwwwww”.  This time though her little wheels in her brain turned inside as she told him “Silly Daddy, we’ll make some jelly!”

Byron, who loves to practice using his camera making short videos, made this cute video of Victoria making her own Strawberry Banana (and apricot, she says peach in the video) Sandwich Spread.  This is 100% Victoria without coaching from Byron.  She’s definitely a little creative chef in training.  By the way, please ignore the messy kitchen… :) And, yes the bananas were on their last leg.  Glad my little chef still thought she could use them.  I was going to make banana bread out of them today.  I guess I’ll make a bunch of jelly from the strawberries in season today instead!

I hope your kids enjoy this episode of Fit Meals By Kids!

Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

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How to Make Peanut Butter

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This is the first episode of Fit Meals By Kids!!! It features Mya and Victoria Davis, children of Olympian and Pro Beach Volleyball Player Annett Davis (founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids Club). The kids were inspired by two wonderful girls, Haile and Nia, that they had an opportunity to cook with on their webshow called Kids Can Cook. Today Mya and Victoria learned all about George Washington Carver and read about 105 ways to use a peanut. They were excited to try and make their own peanut butter in honor of the great Dr. Carver. They will show you how easy it is to make healthy peanut butter!  Grab your kiddos and have a seat.  Mya and Victoria will show them how to have fun in the kitchen! Your kids will love their “happy dance” at the end of the show! (I suggest you click the far right button of the video screen so you can watch it on the full screen view)

Do you like your peanut butter smooth??? or chunky????  :)

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