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M&V Kids Challenge

Mya, age 8, came up with the challenge for this week. (Again, this is ALL his idea!) The challenge he came up with was for you awesome kids to run in place.   But since Mya is an x-treme kid he wants you to take it to the next level.  He wants you to try to bring your knees at least waist high! Mya is challenging you to do this 50 times per leg (so if you count to 100 you’re done). After you do this rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat 2 more times. So, you’ll be doing 3 sets of these! Do this high knee jog in place everyday this week, and you’ve completed the challenge! Let us know if you do it!

Mya is 10 years old.  He’s an adventure kid who loves to write and draw cartoons.

* Mya is NOT a doctor, he’s 10!  So, check with your physician before trying any new workout.

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M&V Kid Challenge

A lot of kids growing up today don’t get the proper amount of exercise, and many have a vegetable on their plate about once a week.  As a member of the Fit Moms Fit Kids Club we are here to support each other to make those facts things of the past.  Your child may be afraid to eat something green now, but by the end of the year we hope that will all change!

Who doesn’t like a challenge?  Kids especially love it when a parent gives them a challenge.  They love it even more when another kid challenges them.  Remember when someone would double dog dare you?  When that happened, you just had to do it!  Well a couple of times a month will post a M & V Kids Challenge posted to “double dog dare” your kids to live healthier lives.  Make sure you share it with them.  M stands for Mya, our 10 year old brainiac son, and V stands for Victoria, our 5 1/2 year old princess.  As I’ve said before, YOU aren’t in this alone.  I have to come up with fun and creative ways to encourage my kids to live healthy lifestyles.  The catch is, I won’t make up all of these challenges myself,  Mya and Victoria are going to help me, help you encourage your kids to stay fit for life with them!

This weeks M&V Kid Challenge:

Drink Plenty of Water!!! It’s HOT right now all over the USA.  See if you can drink more than your brother or sister.  We double dog dare you to see if you can drink as much as your mom or dad!

If you are thirsty you waited to long to get a drink!  Drink before you get thirsty.  :)   Let us know how you did.

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Disney Magic of Healthy Living Contest and Winner

This weekend my family, and 49 other fabulous families, will be taking an all expense paid trip to Disney World!!  How you ask?  Our awesome kids entered the inaugural Disney Magic of Healthy Living contest and won!!!  Each contestant had to write a 250 word (or less)  essay about healthy living. They picked one of the following topics to write about.

1. Nutritious Foods – How do you make eating nutritious foods, like fruits and vegetables, more fun?
2. Physical Activity – How can you get 60 minutes of physical activity a day and make it easy and fun?
3. Get Others Involved – How can you make healthy choices cool and fun to inspire your friends to do it too?
4. Family Ideas – What activities can you do with your family to stay healthy together?

The Magic of Healthy Living Weekend will take place at the world famous Walt Disney World Epcot Center Resort.  This weekend my son and the other winners will get to meet Disney Channel stars, chefs, and they will have a ton of fun and exciting things planned for the winners and their families.

This fun weekend will feature a “TRY-athlon” Inspiring Kids to “TRY” New Ways of Leading a Healthier Lifestyle.

  • TRY-athlon activity #1: “Play-Your-Way” – Fun and creative games from different countries, including Chinese jump rope, South African “keep away” and Spanish “dodge ball.”
  • TRY-athlon activity #2: “Pass the Plate” – A lunchtime challenge with Disney World chefs guiding families in preparing quick, balanced and healthy meals.
  • TRY-athlon activity #3: “Bouncing Around the World” – A hunt for playmates in the countries of Epcot World Showcase led by, among others, the Mad Hatter and Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • TRY-athlon activity #4: “Garden of Possibilities” – Walt Disney World flower and garden experts guide the kids in planting a variety of vegetable gardens, including a special Italian pizza garden.
  • Spectacular opening and closing ceremonies with surprise guests and entertainment.

How did this all happen?  On the morning of December 1, 2010 I was looking on the web and came across this great contest.  My clock read 9am.  The deadline to enter was at noon!  I called my son downstairs from doing his other homeschool work, and showed him Michelle Obama and some of the Disney Channel stars’ commercial about this contest. (click here and then click on contest announcement to see the video) Michelle Obama said, “I love hearing your ideas about eating better and staying active. You are showing that eating right and exercising aren’t just good for you, they’re also a lot of fun.”  My son, age 9, said “Let’s Do It!”.  A little over an hour later he had his essay edited down to 250 words on the dot, and we submitted it.

To be honest with you I had a feeling that he’d win.  He’s a great writer for his age.   His true story that he wrote about in his essay, which I’ll share below, was amazing to me.  I thought the judges would love to hear about it too.  By the way, for any of you who think, oh but his mom is a pro athlete, and Olympian, etc… they did not know anything besides his first name  and age when we submitted it.  So there was no favortism at all.  He won this out right because he really cares about health and fitness.  Now, if you want to say he got that from me, I’d like to say Thank You.  I’m proud that my journey of health and fitness is rubbing off so much on my kids that they now sincerely own their health and fitness, and desire to live a healthy lifestyle.  That’s what ALL of us can do ladies, if we set that example in our homes.  I struggle with making the right choices daily (I am NOT perfect) and my kids see me make the right choices (7 out of 10 times lol) so they are trying to make the right choices for themselves too.

We can be great influences on our kids Fit Moms, and they can make right choices too, but WE must lead the way.

Disneyland this winter. That's me with my wonderful kiddos Victoira (left) and Mya (right)

For the contest my son chose topic #3-

“Get Others Involved – How can you make healthy choices cool and fun to inspire your friends to do it too?”

The Winning Essay-
by Mya Davis, Age 9

“Hi!  My name is Mya.  I’m a 9 year old boy.  My Mom and Dad would say “No more video games today.  You’ve been playing too much!”   I thought, “What am I going to do?”  Then it hit me!  I could create a club called “The Cool Kids Club” where we’d put down the video games and start moving!

I gathered my friends and we had our first meeting.   We shared ideas on what to do.  One friend said, “Let’s go inside and play Legos! ” But I refused.  Another one said “Let’s play tag.”  So that was the first thing we did.  It was a terrific idea, now in every one of our meetings we warm up by playing tag.

After a few meetings I realized that my friends and I don’t have to just do this, all the kids in the world can do this!  That’s when I came up with the “Cool Kids Club Handbook!” It has 20 chapters, but not like a normal book.  When kids are bored they can just pick it up and see what they can do.  Once you are done with an assignment you check it off.  When you finish the entire book you would’ve completed 200 fun and fit assignments.  Now, that’s an achievement!

Some of the club activities include climbing trees, hikes, obstacle courses, swimming, biking, racing, ball games, and skate boarding.  Healthy snacks end each meeting.  I wish all kids could join the Cool Kids Club and be healthy.”

Isn’t this great!

Yes, I’m biased.

No, really, it’s great isn’t it?  One day last fall my son ran downstairs and said “Mommy I’m writing a book!”  This didn’t surprise me because he has already written 2 full length chapter books and 2 comic books over 100 pages each. And, yes, he’s just 9.   I asked him what this one was about and he said that it was a book to inspire his friends to get active.  He said it was a club handbook, like he uses in the cub scouts, so that whenever kids are bored they can pick it up and choose from 200 ideas to get them moving.  I thought is was brilliant!  So, he worked on his book for days and he and his friends started the first Cool Kids Club.  By the way, we are going to publish it for him.  We’ll have the ebook available in time for summer so your kids can get a copy.

Mya is truly inspiring other kids.  Our nephew started the 2nd chapter of the Cool Kids Club in Santa Barbara based off of Mya’s original idea.   The Power of One is so amazing!  If each one of us were to live our lives authentically, morally, offering grace, forgiveness, love, and basically just “doing the right thing” we would inspire others to do the same.  The “doing the right thing” be it not bullying, eating right, exercising, not cursing, not fighting, whatever the case may be, becomes infectious.  Then before you know it, the world and it’s people are better and healthier on the inside and out because of the ONE who started it.  Mya, took it upon himself to start the Cool Kids Club, to get himself and his friends moving.  It’s spreading across neighborhoods already because he took ownership of his health.  He was so excited about it, that he invited his friends to do the same.  Now other kids are starting to be conscious about being active.

Moms, this is why Fit Moms Fit Kids Club exists.  Take Mya’s example.  Take ownership of your health. Invite your kids to do the same.  See what amazing things will happen in your lives because of it!

This weekend we are looking forward to meeting other like minded kids and their families.  We’d like to congratulate all of the winners, and all of the kids who submitted their ideas and didn’t win, because you are all doing something very important.  All of these kids are making one of the most important choices of their lives, to live healthy.  We hope this passion of theirs will continue throughout their lifetime, and that they can continue to encourage and inspire their family and friends to do the same.

Has your child inspired his/her friends to make healthy choices?  Does your child inspire your family to make nutritious treats?  What fun activities does your child like to do with your family to keep you moving?  Has your child inspired you to make healthy choices?

Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

Check out one of the other winners! Thanks Kirsti for sharing!  See you this weekend.

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How to Make Peanut Butter

Fit Meals By Kids Logo

This is the first episode of Fit Meals By Kids!!! It features Mya and Victoria Davis, children of Olympian and Pro Beach Volleyball Player Annett Davis (founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids Club). The kids were inspired by two wonderful girls, Haile and Nia, that they had an opportunity to cook with on their webshow called Kids Can Cook. Today Mya and Victoria learned all about George Washington Carver and read about 105 ways to use a peanut. They were excited to try and make their own peanut butter in honor of the great Dr. Carver. They will show you how easy it is to make healthy peanut butter!  Grab your kiddos and have a seat.  Mya and Victoria will show them how to have fun in the kitchen! Your kids will love their “happy dance” at the end of the show! (I suggest you click the far right button of the video screen so you can watch it on the full screen view)

Do you like your peanut butter smooth??? or chunky????  :)

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