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Being Fit For The Day

Being a fit, happy, healthy mom really sets the whole foundation for you and your kids.

I think sometimes we get so busy making sure that everyone else is taken care of that we put ourselves last on the list.  I have certain things that I do every day that to me are “non-negotiable” meaning someone can’t talk me out of doing these things because I know that if I am not full I will have nothing to give to anyone else.
It is not just about being physically fit that keeps us going but also about being emotionally fit.
Emotional fitness is a “muscle” that also needs to be developed so when you are having a tough day everything else seems effortless.

I start my day with a few “I AM” statements:

I am Loving
I am honest
I am fit
I am sexy
I am an awesome mom
I am playful
I am healthy
I am financially fit
I am creative and on and on…

Then I have my code of conduct:

I will stay true to myself
I will help those who want to be helped
I will appreciate something in nature
I finish by saying my morning prayers
I encourage you to create your own “I am” statements not just for you but to help your kids as well.
You will notice you are truly FIT for the day!

Loren Slocum, CEO of LoBella International, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author of "Life Tuneups" and "No Greater Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom"

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Fun & Educational Exercises To Do With Your Little Ones

As a mom on the go, sometimes we have to remind ourselves to stay focused on taking care of ourselves. I know I do!  I was just in physical therapy for my siatica and SI and learned some really fun exercises that I thought I would share with  you for you and your kids.
I do this exercise with my  3 1/2 year old and she loves it because not only is she exercising but also learning her ABC’s!!!
  • Lie on your side, extend your legs and with your top leg draw the ABC’S in the air as you sing along!
  • Second exercise….get some sand in a plate  and do the the same thing with your fingers in the sand
  • Third exercise, see how many letters you can make out of fruits and veggies!

Love it!

Love being a momma!!
Happy learning!
Stay True,

Loren Slocum

Loren Slocum, CEO of LoBella International, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author of "Life Tuneups" and "No Greater Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom"

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Designing Your Decade

So, here we are….The end of a decade. What a great time to take inventory of where you started the decade, where you are now, and where you want to go in the area of your personal fitness and health plans as well as your family’s.

Personally for me, in January 2000, I was 4 months pregnant with my second son, Quinn.
I was very aware of what my body needed and as we know, things are different with each pregnancy.
For me, I was really committed to making sure that I exercised every day…but it was January in Oregon! Can you say RAINY?? So, here is what I did..I committed to baby steps…

I SCHEDULED MY 30 Minutes.  Yes, I got in the car.  I drove 5 minutes down the road.  I got on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then drove home.  :)

I also made sure I listened to my body and asked myself is this nourishing my body and my baby’s body.

Where am I today as we head into this new decade?

Not pregnant! My last one took it all out of me and I thought I would never get back to where I was.
But I am actually better than I was then!


I have tried a lot of exercises, and now I just really focus on the basics, but I make sure I do those basics just as I do brushing my teeth.  I make it a daily habit.

Here’s what I do:
Standing pushups after I brush my teeth
Standing situps as I brush my teeth
Band exercises
ALL THINGS I do with my kids.

For this next decade I am committed to looking and feeling even better from 45-55 than I did in my 20’s.

How about you??

To your health!
Loren Slocum

Loren Slocum, CEO of LoBella International, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author of "Life Tuneups" and "No Greater Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom"

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Workout For Busy Moms

Every busy mom I meet tells me the same thing. “My family comes first, then my job, then me,” they say. This is often followed by “and I NEVER have time to exercise!”  As busy, giving moms it can be difficult for us to find time to devote not only to ourselves and our needs, but to the upkeep and maintenance of our bodies.  I like to compare a body to car.  Too often, we don’t think about how it works until it has a major problem and needs to be taken to the mechanic for an overhaul.  We can’t let that happen to our bodies – allowing our bodies to stay stagnant until they crash and need serious attention.  Instead, just like you take your car for a tuneup, fill it with gas, get it washed ever so often, so too with your body.

You need to make sure your body is well taken care of so that it won’t crash when you most need it.

This month’s post is devoted to finding a way to exercise in the most convenient, least-expensive and most family friendly way possible – at the playground with your kids! Busy moms tell me they can’t find time to exercise, yet I often see them sitting on the benches at the playground while their kids play. This is a perfect time to give your body a workout – take advantage! Those jungle gyms are not just for kids – using the equipment correctly can give you a serious workout, burning calories and building muscles.

Ideas for maximizing fitness at the playground:

1. Do pull ups on the monkey bars. Have your kids cheer you on and see how many you can do.

2. Do push-ups at an angle against the balance beam or mountain.

3. Race your kids up the rope bridges and ladders.

4. When you push your kids on the swing, do a squat every time you push them, keeping your arms out and back straight, pretending you are lowering your bottom onto an invisible chair.

5. If you have a baby – use them as a weight. Stand straight holding your baby facing you. Extend your arms and slowly lower your baby up and down. Baby will love the motion and your arms will feel the burn!

6. Challenge your kids to a playground-wide relay race – run through the park climbing the monkey bars, jumping over things, and sliding down the slide – a good way to get your child active and for you to break a sweat trying to keep up with them!

After all this physical activity, you and your children will undoubtedly be hungry – but don’t fill up on pizza or other junk, or fast food. Before your next playground trip make sure to pack plenty of cut up fruit and vegetables. Also fill your reusable bottles with water!  These things will quench your thirst and hunger and give you the energy boost to keep playing!

So take your kids to the park and make sure to put on some workout clothes –it’s time for mom to have some outdoor playtime too!

Loren Slocum, CEO of LoBella International, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author of "Life Tuneups" and "No Greater Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom"

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