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Meet The Fit Moms Fit Kids Club Blog Team

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Meet The Fit Moms Fit Kids Club Blog Team

Annett Davis- Olympian, Professional Beach Volleyball Player, Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids Club.  She has 2 bright and amazing children that she homeschools.  She’s also an entrepreneur, has published works, and is married to her college sweetheart who blogs over at  Annett writes on current news, keep you abreast of organizations to follow, causes to get behind and support (if you like), fun or interesting facts, recipes, tips, she also reviews products/services and more! (about Annett)

Wendy Hagen Author of “Totally Desperate Mom: Keepin’ It Real In The Motherhood” and mother of 3 kids under 6,  will share with you tips on family fitness for moms with little ones!  Her “Totally Desperate Moms” posts will have you laughing and help you stay sane. (intro post)

Michelle Kyman- Owner of Embody Fitness training has 2 children.  She gained 75 pounds during EACH pregnancy, and lost the weight both times.  She will share with you tips on getting your body back after babies! Check out her posts under the “Post Pregnancy Weight Loss” category. (Intro post)

Nikki Steven- Owner of Method Motivation, Mealology,  and founder of Children’s Fitness Foundation helps moms and kids get fit.  Nikki is the proud mother of 3, and she’ll be sharing with you tips to helping you be a Fit Mom with “Fit Kids” for life!  You can read Nikki’s posts under the “Fit Kids” category. (intro post)

Lori Rivas- Homeschooling mom of 4 kids.  She is our organic/natural mommy!  Lori shares with you her journey of going from conventional to organic, and tells you the health benefits of the natural way!  Check out Lori’s popular posts under the “Organic Moms” category. (intro post)

Ani Perkins- Professional organizer, and the owner and founder of “Organize Yourselves”  specializing in home organization.  Ani is the proud mother of 2 beautiful and energetic girls. She will give you practical tips on “making your home a house of order” so that you can experience the peace of mind that you need to meet your family fitness goals.  You can read Ani’s posts under the “Organizing Your Home And Life” category. (intro post)

Loren Slocum- Founder, CEO, and President of LoBella International, an organization inspired to help women stay “true to who they are.”  She is a speaker, entrepreneur, and author of “Life Tune Ups”, “No Greater Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom”, and “The Greatest Love Being an Extraordinary Mom”.  Loren is the mother of a teen, tween, and a toddler, she has 3 successful businesses without a nanny! Be inspired by Loren, and find out how a busy working mom can have total fitness (physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial fitness).  Check out her posts under the “Fit Working Moms” category. (intro post)

Katie Lindquist Jameson- Professional Beach Volleyball player, and when she’s not on the sand, she teaches cute kindergarten students.  A favorite among fans, this hard working woman is now a mother to be.  If you are a expecting you’ve got to follow Katie’s posts as she talks about the adventures as a Fit Mama 2B. (intro post)

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