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Tablet Time: Nexus 10 OR $399 (Winner’s Choice) Giveaway

I can’t believe it, but it’s that time again. Giveaway time! Last week we had the Great Hospital Bag Giveaway with over $800 in prizes (which you still can enter until the 31st)! And now, t’s the Tablet Time Nexus 10 edition! This Tablet Time has a couple extremely generous sponsoring blogs, Making Sense of Cents and FITnancials, and is hosted by Measuring Flower, Grandma’s Secrets to Savings, and Life With 2 Boys! Myself, along with a bunch of other bloggers, have teamed up to bring you a super awesome Nexus10 OR $399 cash (winner’s choice!).  Now isn’t that AMAZING!

Here’s The Prize



nexus prize


  • Nexus 10 Tablet
    • WiFi
    • 16 GB
    • 10-inch display
  • Cash
    • $399
    • Winner must have PayPal account

The Giveaway

Enter via the form below for your chance to win!

Giveaway Ends

January 28, 2013

Open to US and Canadian Residents Only


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Why I Love My Husband


A good friend of mine, Fawn Weaver started a blog a few years ago called Happy Wives Club. It was a breath of fresh air! With so many negative images or marriage in the media, and so many people divorcing, she wondered if there was anyone out there like her. Fawn LOVES her husband. In fact I’ve never seen a couple so into one another like the two of them. And, no they are not newlyweds. :)  It’s so refreshing! There are over 84,000 women who have agreed with Fawn, and have declared on her site that YES, they too are happy wives. And, I am one of them!

Fawn is having a link up and asked if those of us who are happy wives would dedicate a blog post to let the world know why we love our husbands. So here you go!

Why I Love My Husband (the never-ending list):

Just looking at this shot of us last month, I mean this should be enough right. Gesh the man is a HUNK!

The moment I met him I fell in love with Byron and I knew from the moment I met him that he was going to be my husband!

I can go on forever listing reasons I love my husband but I’ll just name a few.

He is the most authentic person I know.

He puts my needs, wants, desires above his own.

Whenever I need help with a presentation or webstuff he stops what he’s doing and assists me giving me 100% attention.

Byron can’t stand to see me ill or sad. He would do just about anything to comfort me and make sure I feel better.

He’s not interested in winning an argument just for the sake of being “right”.  He cares more that we are on one accord, and that in the process we fight fair, by  mutually loving/respecting one another. Winning a fight isn’t worth it if he loses his best friend. :)

He’s read more non-fiction books than anyone I know! I love that about him.

He LOVES to learn.  He will forever sharpen his mind.  He will forever be a student of life.

I love that he’s a people magnet. He meets people in the gym or coffee shop and they just open up to him like he’s their therapist. I love that he likes to spend time with folks helping them through the rough patches of their lives, and does it anytime anywhere. Even if it throws his schedule behind because he loves people that much. And, loves helping them reach their potential.

I love that Byron thinks everyone can do/be something special and has something amazing to offer. And that he believes everyone can and should be living their epic life and he loves to help them through coaching them to live it!

Did I say he was a hunk. Oh, yeah I did.. :) He’s an Ironman too! I love that he loves adventure and testing himself. He’ll do things I would never dream of doing.

I LOVE how awesome of a father Byron is to our kids. He never misses a teachable moment. He engages them. He has fun with them. He spends tons of time with them. He loves them like I’ve never seen another dad do.

OK.. I’ll end here. I LOVE his sense of humor. Byron is hilarious! He keeps us laughing everywhere all of the time. He’s a prankster, joker, and a fun loving comedian (at least I think so).

Well there you have it in a nutshell because I could have went on for years listing Why I Love My Husband.

If you’d like to see Why I love him so, you can check him out today or Saturday on a FREE webinar he’s holding called Unleashing the Unstoppable You! It’s going to be GREAT! Spots are limited! Last I checked there were only a few spots left. So, hurry on over to see what it’s all about! Go NOW!  If you can’t make it live, those who register will get a link to see the replay.

See how awesome he is, even giving YOU a free gift. And, believe me his words are so full of wisdom this webinar workshop may just change your LIFE like so many of his words, encouragement and wisdom have changed mine!!! Find Out More Here!

Why do YOU Love Your Husband??

Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

This was shared at Happy Wives Club!

P.S. If you haven’t signed up for the Lean and Clean 2013 challenge go on over to and sign up NOW!


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The Great Hospital Bag Giveaway: Win Over $800 in Prizes for Mom and Baby {And a Few for Dad, Too}!



I am so excited to be a part of this amazing Great Hospital Bag GiveawayThis giveaway is hosted by Measuring Flower who got together a bunch of amazing sponsors to award ONE fortunate expecting mommy a HUGE giveaway package that features many cool, fun, and necessary things that she can pack in her hospital bag when she’s off to give birth. Plus, there are some cool things to use at home for nursing, tracking times you feed and diaper the baby, and so much more! The total approximate retail value of these prizes reaches OVER an incredible $800!

If you are into “green” things, this prize pack has some awesome things like diaper wraps. This prize pack even has a breast pump! Looking through the list there are so many cool things that I wish I had when I had my baby! Good Luck Moms! Spread the word!

The Prizes


Prize: Medela Swing Pump Sponsor: Medela Approximate Retail Value: $170


Prize: Boppy Travel Pillow Sponsor: Boppy Approximate Retail Value: $45


Prize: 2 Muslin Swaddling Blankets Sponsor: Aura Weavers Approximate Retail Value: $30


Prize: Hospital Gown and Labor Socks Sponsor: Baby Be Mine Maternity Approximate Retail Value: $45


Prize: Bamboobies Store Credit Sponsor: Bamboobies Approximate Retail Value: $30


Prize: 3 GroVia Newborn Cloth Diapers Sponsor: Diaper Junction Approximate Retail Value: $45

bummasPrize: 10 Cloth Wipes Sponsor: Bummas Approximate Retail Value: $15


Prize: 2 Cloth Menstrual Pads Sponsor: Go With the Flo Approximate Retail Value: $29


Prize: Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Sponsor: Itzbeen Approximate Retail Value: $25


Prize: Lilla Rose Flexi Sponsor: Lilla Rose by Sarah Ives Approximate Retail Value: $16


Prize: Woombie Swaddler Sponsor: Woombie Approximate Retail Value: $27


Prize: Lip Balm 6 Pack Sponsor: ChopSaver Approximate Retail Value: $25


Prize: Milk-Saver Sponsor: My Milkies Approximate Retail Value: $28


Prize: Momzelle “I Make Milk” Nursing Shirt Sponsor: Momzelle Approximate Retail Value: $25


Prize: 3 Pump-a-Pair Sets Sponsor: Pump-a-Pair Approximate Retail Value: $32


Prize: 12 That’s It. Fruit Bars Sponsor: That’s It. Fruit Approximate Retail Value: $22


Prize: Undercover Mama Nursing Undershirt Sponsor: Undercover Mama Approximate Retail Value: $25


Prize: Bravado Original Nursing Bra Sponsor: Bravado Designs Approximate Retail Value: $35


Prize: NuviaCafe Box (30 Sachets) {For Dad!} Sponsor: NuviaCafe Approximate Retail Value: $30

babeecoveePrize: Babee Covee Original Sponsor: Babee Covee Approximate Retail Value: $40

pushpackPrize: Push Pack Sponsor: Small-Batch Studio Approximate Retail Value: $65

Total Retail Value=$805!

The Giveaway

This giveaway is being run using a handy-dandy Rafflecopter form. To use the form, log in using your Facebook account (make sure your primary Facebook email is one you can be reached if you win) or your name and email. Your information will be kept completely confidential and safe.

Giveaway Rules
  • None of the entries are mandatory, so you may do as many or as few as you’d like.
  • Each entry must be accomplished exactly as it is stated, including providing anything in the “Extra Info” field, for it to count.
  • You can perform each entry type ONE TIME ONLY unless otherwise specified.
  • If there is a “leave a comment” entry type, be sure the name you type in the comment’s name field is EXACTLY the same as the name you use in the form (this is so your comment can be verified).
  • Make sure to leave a VALID email address in the Rafflecopter’s email field so you can be contacted if you win (or ensure your Facebook account’s primary email address is one in which you can be contacted).
  • If you already follow/like me or the company via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., that’s okay–the entries still count.
Giveaway Ends
January 31, 2013
Open to U.S. and Canadian Residents Only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Fit Meals Monday

It’s amazing how fast Christmas is approaching.  Every day it gets nearer I get a little more stressed. I’m thankful though that we finally didn’t have a swim meet to attend so that I could get some things done. Of course not everything I had planned, but the Christmas tree is up, and zillions of cookies were baked for 2 cookie swap parties.

People usually make excuses this time a year about why they can’t exercise, or get fit.  I think it’s time to lose the excuses and start following a plan.  Speaking of plans. Here’s my dinner meal plan for the week. I’m planning on keeping the holiday pounds off this year. What about you??? To help you out in the New Year, I have a giveaway going on below!  Plus, find out how YOU can get FREE coaching from me!

Fit Meals Monday

Monday: Chinese Chicken Salad

Tuesday:  Garlic White Beans and Greens (red kale and spinach)

Wednesday:  Portabello Mushroom Burger

Thursday: Chicken Caesar Salad

Friday:  Salmon Patties, Potatoes, Corn, Green Salad

Saturday:  Tomato Soup and Faux Grilled Cheese with Apple Sandwich

Sunday: Out to eat with my little Gum Drop from The Nutcracker


My breakfasts this week will consist of eggs and whole wheat toast, Shakeology, fresh veggie juice, or oatmeal.

Lunch this week will be either, Shakeology, sandwich, hummus veggie wrap, or tuna salad.

I’ll rotate the breakfast/lunch meals.

What’s on Your Menu???

I almost forgot to mention. I’m giving away ONE $25 Beachbody Gift Card to the first person who buys a Les Mills Combat Challenge Pack from my site (just $160 you get the workout DVD’s and a 1 month supply of Shakeology)! I will be doing Les Mills combat starting January 7th, and with your challenge pack you are automatically enrolled in my challenge group, where I will coach you and a few others for FREE!!!! If you’ve ever wanted to be coached by an Olympian, for FREE now is your chance. :)  Just go to and click on the challenge pack banner on the right side of the page. Next, click on Les Mills Combat challenge pack. After you are finished with your order, message me on Facebook at Get Fit With Annett and let me know you placed your order. If you are the first one to do so, I’ll send you your $25 gift card!  If you aren’t the first one you still WIN!  You’ll still get to have me as your coach FREE!!! So, let’s do this! Start the New Year off right in my private accountability group!

This post was shared: with hundreds of other meal plans (choose wisely)

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