Fit Moms Fit Kids Club is all about informing, inspiring, and empowering moms to make fitness and good health a way of life for themselves and their families. Through videos, informative blog posts, simple check lists and more this blog exists to deliver the information you want, how you want it, when you need it most to succeed at your personal and family fitness goals.  The first step is to download the simple pledge to say you want to be a Fit Mom, with Fit Kids.

Our goal is to have at least 1 million moms to take the Fit Moms Fit Kids Pledge.

To take the pledge fill in your name and email on any page, and get a From Fat To Fabulous 21 day meal and exercise plan FREE!  Tell your friends and help us make American families healthy again.

Our mission is to unite and mobilize the collective force of moms across America to help them reach their personal and family fitness goals.

About Annett:

Being a busy parent, always on the run, Annett knows all too well the challenges that families face in today’s fast food society, and how easy it is to let fast food feed our kids. Annett is an Olympian and Professional Beach Volleyball Player, slash mother of two, slash happy wife, slash community and social activist who cares a lot about the rising rate of obesity and obesity related diseases among our kids. She’s the founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids (an initiative that helps busy moms take back the health of their families and themselves) and is a participant of the Southern California committee for the Olympic Games Ready, Set, Gold! program that encourages public schools students to be fit for life. She also is on the board of directors for the Children’s Fitness Foundation.  Annett and husband Byron also launched The Lose 2 Win Challenge to help America lose weight while at the same time inspiring Americans to help starving kids all across the world.

About Taking The Pledge

Join The Fit Moms Fit Kids Club by TAKING THE PLEDGE (sign up on any page! Check out the short video.)

Experts have said that this generation of children will not outlive their parents.  We cannot let this happen!  You and I as moms have the greatest impact and influence on our families.  We can decide to stop this trend of obesity NOW, and decide to have a healthy household.  This is NOT about becoming supermodel skinny, it’s about getting healthy (whatever weight that is for you).  My father had 3 heart attacks and type 2 diabetes and died at an early age.  All preventable diseases due to poor choices.  I want to be there for my children for a long time, don’t you?   More kids today are obese and have type 2 diabetes than ever before in history.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Ladies lets reverse this alarming trend.

Join me in taking the Fit Moms Fit Kids Club Pledge!
What this simply means is you have decided to be intentional about doing your best to model a lifestyle of fitness and good health for your kids.  By taking the pledge you are telling the world that you will do your part to be healthy yourself, and help raise your kids to do the same. Don’t worry, you will not have to do this alone, and you don’t have to be perfect.  (I know I’m not!)  That’s the big reason why this site was created, for us moms to help one another in our imperfect journey to try to do what’s best for our families.  You will be a part of a growing community of moms united for better health and future for themselves and their kids (and husbands too…. ;-)).

By joining the club and taking the pledge you take an intentional stance that says, “I want to be resourced and supported in my efforts to give my family the best!”

Help us inspire the nation! Join the revolution! Download the pledge and then inspire your friends to do the same.  Together we can all say, “I want to be a Fit Mom (not a stick thin mom, but a mom who is healthy) who inspires and encourages her family to be healthy too!”

Our goal is to get 1 Million moms to take the Fit Moms, Fit Kids pledge by May 31,2011.

Join The Fit Moms, Fit Kids Revolution… Take the pledge NOW! Sign up on the right side of any page.

FREE BONUS! To help you jump start your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle you will be able to download not only the pledge, but also a FREE 21 Day Meal Plan and Fitness Program!  (the meal plan is what I used to jump start my weight loss to get back into shape as a pro beach volleyball player after 2 kids!)

****Information contained in this website is not meant to be taken as medical advice, we are not licensed medical physicians; the information presented should not replace the medical advice of your doctor or pediatrician. Contents may not be reproduced for other use without the express written consent of Annett Davis of Fit Moms Fit Kids Club.

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