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Happy New Year!


Howdy!! I’m back!!! Ready to start the New Year off strong with you!

I hope you have been rocking your workouts, and your eating routines.

How have I been? Well, to be honest, let’s just say a little off!

Off of my routine, off of my 80/20 clean eating, and a little off of my workout routine too.

What’s a girl to do? Just jump back in the saddle baby!


Are you ready to to do this?

Are you ready to ROCK this year, and be Lean and Clean in 2015???


If so, I want you to join me right here and on my Facebook page. I want to hear from you. I want to know that you are with me, and that we are in this together!

Can you do that? Go over to Annett Davis¬†on Facebook, and click “like” and “Get Notifications” so that you won’t miss the recipes, fitness tips and encouragement on your newsfeed! :)

Here’s what it looks like, for my visual learners. :)

Next, I’d love to know what YOU’d like to find out more about on this blog. Please let me know in the comments!


Annett Davis

Olympian, Body Transformation Coach

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