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My Secret to A Happy Marriage

“Marriage succeeds only as a lifetime commitment with no escape clauses.”  -James Dobson

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I know what you are thinking.  Why in the world am I writing about the secret to a happy marriage on the Fit Moms Fit Kids Club blog?!?!  Here’s why.  If  you are married, the best thing for your fitness and your children’s fitness are two happily married parents.

One thing I LOVE seeing my kids do is smile.  In the Davis household we are smiling and laughing most of the time.  Earlier this year we took a child with us in our car somewhere and she said “I just LOVE your family.”  We asked her why, and she said because we laugh nonstop!

Someone once asked me why our kids were so peaceful and so happy?  I said because during my pregnancy my husband had me laughing all the time!

The other day my nephew’s asked my kids what our family’s catch phrase was (the phrase we say all of the time).  My 8-year old daughter said,  “We don’t have a catch phrase but we do laugh all the time!”

Sure we have tough times and we must discipline our kids, and times when my wonderful husband and I have a disagreement, but it’s not often.

What makes our marriage so special? What’s our secret?  Well I’ll let you in on a few things that we do, and for some more awesome ideas check out some of the other women’s posts on the Happy Wives Club Blog Tour to find out their secrets to a happy marriage.

My Secrets to a Happy Marriage


1.  No Escape Clause

I often hear women say things like, “If he ever does “X”, I’m outta here!”  Well first of all why would you even speak that into existence?  Not a bright idea! Secondly, we should go into marriage with an “I Do forever” attitude.  When we go into it with this attitude, and with a mindset that says there is no escape clause, then every problem that occurs in the process you’ll want to figure out a solution, and mend it.

2.  Remember No One Is Perfect!

Once I almost ruined my marriage.  You see I truly believed that my husband was perfect, or pretty darn close to it.  I put him high on a pedestal.  One day when he made a disastrous choice, the idol I had placed on the top of the totem pole was knocked off.  Of course I was justified to feel hurt and disappointed, but I had to remember that he was no god, he was human, and humans make mistakes.

Just like I am not perfect, and I make mistakes, my husband is no better than I and no closer to perfection than I am.  We are both works in progress.  Once I embraced this fact whenever he did something wrong like didn’t wash the dishes like he promised to, or ran out of gas for the 3rd time in 3 months…instead of me flying off the handle, I just remembered he’s just human, he makes mistakes.  We can laugh instead of fight over our errors.

Nobody is perfect! Why do you expect YOUR husband to be?

3.  Lots of Laughter

I’m sure you knew I was going to say this one!  Don’t take yourselves so seriously.  Like I said above we are all works in progress, mistakes will happen over and over and over again.  You aren’t so perfect yourself.  Instead of harping on everything, laugh at yourself, laugh at him, have fun! Life is too short for constant arguing, it makes you old, irritable, stressed out and ugly way too fast.  People who laugh more I’m sure are more pretty, and live longer.  I’m sure there’s some scientific proof out there somewhere that will attest to that. LOL.

See here’s our picture! Scientific proof – a good looking, happy, smiley, family (that jumps)! :)


The secret to our success has been to have fun with one another often.  Laugh out loud as much as possible.  Offer each other grace and forgiveness daily.  And, finally, to never ever have an escape route, everything has a solution, you both just have to be willing to work hard enough to discover it and to work through it.

Happy Marriages Do Exist! My husband Byron and I are living examples!

(My husband Byron and I have been married for 17 years! We have two children, ages 12 and 8.  I LOVE being his wife.  After learning many lessons along the way we now have a fabulous marriage!)

Fawn Weaver, the founder of the Happy Wives Club wrote a book about the best marriage secrets the world has to offer. They say the book is like “Eat, Pray, Love meets The 5 Love Languages.” I say the book is a blessing. Guess who was written about it this book? Yours truly! :)  You can grab a copy HERE.

Annett Davis

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids


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  1. That’s why I love being with the Davis family, you know how to extend grace, laugh a lot and jump really high! Thanks for the wonderful post!

  2. admin says:

    You are so funny Tracey! Thanks! We love being around you guys too! It was your Caleb who asked about the catch phrase by the way. :)


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