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25 Holiday Health Hacks- continued

Hi Fit Moms! Today I’m back with 3 more holiday hacks to get you in the fit groove.

Tip 1 from December 1st was drinking plenty of water, if you missed it take a look.

3 More Holiday Hacks – for a healthier holiday season!

2.  Plan Ahead.  I tell my clients this all the time.  If you fail to plan, you are actually planning to fail! So, go ahead and plan for success. Meal planning is your #1 tool for winning the food game.  Make sure your plan has lots of veggies and greens in it, and little to no processed foods.  Don’t forget to plan your snacks (good healthy ones)!

Never meal planned before? Check out my 5-part meal planing series to learn my best secrets!

3.  Shop Ahead.  After your meal planning is done, it’s the perfect time to do your shopping.  Don’t go on an empty stomach.  Look over your meal plan, and  make a shopping list.  Get ONLY the items on your shopping list.  Nothing more, nothing less. If it ain’t in the house, you can’t eat it! lol.. (yes I went there).

4.  Eat in! One of the things that kills a diet is eating out.  Eating at home gives you the best chance for success.  Not only will you be cutting calories and eating great things (because you planned amazing healthy meals on your meal plan), you will als0 save money! With tons of gifts to buy (since you are Santa Claus for goodness sakes), and holiday dresses to purchase and parties to plan,  a great way to save money is by eating at home.  This hack is one of my favorites. Not only will you not put on the pounds, you will also keep $ in your wallet.

Hope these tips help! Stay tuned Friday for more Holiday Hacks.

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