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Cinnamon Whole Wheat Pancakes

In our house we have what I like to call a “rotational” breakfast. We have a “cold” breakfast day followed by a “hot” breakfast day.  Being a fan of really temperature hot foods, I LOVE our hot breakfast days the most.

My kids typically eat cold cereal, granola or a smoothie one day.  The next they’ll have oatmeal or eggs and toast, or something of that nature. Their favorite by far is the day I make these fabulous cinnamon whole wheat pancakes!

People are always surprised that I make a lot of things from scratch.  I’ve learned over time that box mixes really don’t save you as much time as you think, and homemade is ALWAYS better! :)  I tried several recipes before making this one my go to.  Tweaking an ingredient here and there from an one (my favorite recipe site) I came up with my own version.

My recipe includes white whole wheat (which is NOT white flour, but is real whole wheat made from a “lighter” wheat). White whole wheat (to me) tastes like a better version of old school white flour, yet has the same nutritional value as whole wheat.  My recipe also includes sucanut instead of white sugar or coconut sugar if you have some. These are better for you. Cinnamon is added as well, which helps to boost your metabolism.

That’s enough of me rambling on…from my family to yours… ENJOY!!!!

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