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Delicious Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

From time to time my dear friend, and fellow homeschooling mom of 4, Hosanna Rodriquez shares with us her simple yet delicious recipes. Today’s your lucky day! I have had numerous tastings of her quinoa breakfast bowls at her home. In fact, sometimes when I go over her house, I secretly hope that this is on their menu for that day. She is always so generous and gives me a bowl or plate of whatever they are eating. Her family probably thinks I don’t eat at home so I can eat over their house. (They’d be right.) :)

I highly recommend you trying this quinoa bowl. It’s a good introduction to this AMAZING food! If you’ve never heard of it before quinoa is the hot food all the celebrity trainers are now talking about. I use it instead of rice a lot because it is extremely versatile. Just so you won’t be embarrassed when you talk about it, you pronounce it “keen-wah”. Most people think that quinoa is a grain. Nope it’s a seed grown high in the Andes Mountains of South America. Incas used to love this superfood! For those of you with gluten sensitivities, you can rest assured it’s gluten free!

If you taste quinoa alone it’s a little on the bland side. But, if you add a little this and a little that, it’s delicious! You can add things like butter, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, fresh herbs, vegetable broth, chicken broth, cilantro, tomatoes, veggies, nuts, cheese, pretty much anything to this superfood and you can make the most wonderful combinations! I eat it as a side dish, or as an entire meal.


Hosanna’s Delicious Quinoa Breakfast Bowl



Share with us your favorite quinoa recipe below.


Annett Davis

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