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Hi Fit Moms!!

Happy February! I hope all of you are sticking to those goals you set forth for yourselves at the beginning of the year. If not, it’s never too late to jump back on the wagon!! This week, I want to share with all of you my experience of training for my first fitness show. “Fitness Show?”, you ask….Yes! A fitness show is pretty much a body-building/physique competition. The competition includes men and women of all ages. I decided to blog about this because I wanted to show all of you that even though you are a busy mom, who may also work, and be over the age of 35 (like me), you too can achieve great things in your body if you set your mind to it!!!

Michelle is a 6'2" mom of 2 who lost 70+ pounds after each pregnancy!

Last summer, I was looking for something to challenge me physically. I was getting bored at the gym doing the same thing….I needed a goal, a challenge. My friend at the gym encouraged me to train with her, so I began training 14 weeks out from my first show (October 30, 2010). I met with a trainer who set up my menu plan, and got me started on my first 4 weeks of workouts. Before I began, I made sure I had the support of my family (because without them on board, it would have been way more difficult!!) I told myself that I can do anything in 14 weeks!! So my journey began…..

I had to measure and weigh ALL MY FOOD, EVERYDAY!! During this time, I didn’t have a sip of alcohol, a bite of dessert, or anything else that wasn’t on my menu. The great thing about my meal plan was I never got hungry!! I worked out 6 days a week and never skipped a workout. Was I exhausted some days?? Yes! Were there days that I felt like gorging on a large brownie? Yes! But I kept the course because I made a promise to myself.

I was tested many times during my training…I had to sit at a buffet in Vegas and watch my family eat dinner (OUCH!), I attended three 40th birthday parties (while bringing my own bag of food to each party), and I made sure that wherever I was (on vacation in Lake Havasu), I would be sure to bring my workout clothes and find a gym nearby!!

Well, to my surprise, many positive things started happening to me: 1. I became the leanest I had ever been, at 8.5%. 2. I had more energy than I knew what to do with. 3. I got my blood work back a week before my show and my total cholesterol was the lowest at 115. 4. I was fitting into a size 6 (I’m normally a size 10). 5. I was lifting more weight than ever before. 6. My skin, hair, and nails were awesome. 7. Most importantly, I had learned so much about my own willpower, commitment, and dedication, that I was satisfied before I had even stepped on stage for the show!!

The end result came as a disappointment because in my heart and mind, I was going to place 1st!! That’s what kept me going. But, I placed 8th out of 11, and it broke my heart!! As I had time to reflect on it, it was the “journey” that I had enjoyed, not the end result. I felt awesome!! And, I want every mom, who thinks they have to be satisfied with themselves, to take note of my story and know that the sky is the limit!! I am no different from you!!

My measurements from start to finish:

Chest: 38.25″ to 37″

Waist: 32″ to 29.5″

Hip: 39.75″ to 36.25″

Thigh: 23″ to 20.75″

Weight: 170 lb. to 160 lb.

Body Fat: 12.6% to 8.5%

Michelle Kyman

Orange County, Ca

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12 Responses to “One Fabulously Fit Mom”

  1. Ani says:

    What an inspiration!!
    I’ve been so dissatisfied with how I look and feel lately!
    You just helped me know that anything is possible!!!
    Thank you!!
    I’m back on board- today is the day to begin!!!

    Thanks again!!!


  2. Jenny says:

    So inspiring! You go girl! You are a wonderful example to Moms and women everywhere.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Desserie Anaya says:

    Wow!!! All my life your body is the body i have wanted. I’m four months pregnant with our third child but i have every intention of setting what ever goals i need to after my baby is born to reach my goal. I would love to know your meal plan and maybe some exercises that i could do that would help me in the process of getting a healthier,leaner,more muscular body.


  4. Desserie,

    Next month I will be posting about my meal plan and my exercise routine in more detail. It will be kinda like “a day in the life of….”

    Best of luck to you during this last pregnancy! Remember, stay healthy throughout your pregnancy, it will help you after delivery!! I know how hard it can be to just “let it all go” with your eating and exercise while you’re pregnant, but stay focused now. It will help with an easier delivery and getting your body back faster.

    In Health,


  5. admin says:

    @Michelle- I can’t wait to read your post next month! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’ve known you since we played on the same volleyball team in high school, then college roommates! It’s been amazing to see you in better shape NOW then any other time in your life. You are truly an inspiration.

    @Fit Moms…YOU can do it too!!! It’s about making a decision, and doing it. She has NO special genes or power. This took hard work and dedication! Thanks Michelle for showing us it can happen!

  6. Desserie Anaya says:


    Thank you so much for your encouragement. Im almost 17 weeks and i have already gained 20 pounds :( This has happened every time. What i have started to do different this pregnancy is work out. I haven’t been very consistent but its a start. Im looking forward to reading your next blog :)

  7. denise says:

    Oh my word, Michelle! What a blessing to read about you. I am a 46.5 year old mom of 10 children–ages 22 to 13 months (5 boys and 5 girls) and am 6′ tall but weigh 215! I was 160-170 when I was 19, my goal and what I am working toward is this: Mom of 10 a size 10 again! My goal weight is 175. God bless you and thank you for walking it out before us!
    Oh! How old are you now?

  8. sally says:

    Wow i’m so jealous I would love to think I could have a body like that. I am taking it goal by goal, my first being to get back into a size sixteen which I will do as I want it so much but yes a body to die for like yours could be next really WELL DONE!!!

  9. Great bod. Keep up the good work. Very impressive bodyfat levels

  10. Tracey Goss says:

    Michelle is amazing! I never knew us tall girls could be cut like that. Wow! I would love to hear more from her as a guest blogger. Let her know she has at least one wanna be fit mom who is a fan and is inspired by her journey!

  11. admin says:

    I didn’t think it was possible either. But, Michelle did it! So can we. :)


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