Fit Chat With Annett Davis- interview with Michelle Stern

On this episode of Fit Chat With Annett Davis, Annett interviews Michelle Stern from Michelle owns What’s Cooking with Kids, a certified-green company that offers healthy and seasonal cooking classes to kids in the San Francisco Bay Area. Michelle is part of Michelle Obama’s Chefs Move To Schools movement. She also is a wife, and mother, and now author. Michelle’s first cookbook The Whole Family Cookbook, comes out in April, 2011.
Michelle discusses her life, business, and all of the wonderful benefits of kids cooking.
(This is a multi-part interview)

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4 Responses to “Fit Chat With Annett Davis- interview with Michelle Stern”

  1. Amanda says:

    Michelle… you sound SO smart and well informed… I LOVE it!!!

  2. Before I become parent, I really didn’t know that children adore cooking food so much. My daughter absolutely enjoys it, I feel when grow up will be even better cook than me.


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