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Top 5 Things to Do with all of your Halloween Candy

Well I asked YOU via our Keepin’ It Real time, this is where I ask a question via facebook and twitter and you respond with your real life issues or answers.   After you read what your fellow Fit Moms have said, I’ll give you a little more inspiration, or easy solutions to the issue at hand!

Halloween is here, and the question we all have on Monday is…


5.  “We keep all of it in a bin in the pantry and let them pick out one piece as a treat each day. They forget about it after a week or so, then we give it away.”  Matt S.

4.  “I buy it off my granddaughters and they get the money to spend on something they really like. I keep it and let them have a treat once in awhile. Like others mention they soon forget about it and when I offer up a treat they remember and smile over it. The rest gets dumped at the end.” Linda H

3.  “We should start a collection in our neighborhood and mail it to the troops! :)”  Tamar V.

2.  The kids chose 5 pieces each, then we took the rest to a homeless shelter. Eye-opening for sure and they really appreciated what they had! Sarah S.

The number one Thing to Do with all of your Halloween Candy!!

1. “Sarah S. has the best idea I’ve ever heard. “The Switch Witch”. The kids get to pick out a certain number of candies to keep. Then, they hang their bags on their bedroom door, and the “Switch Witch” comes along and takes the candy and leaves them a toy (probably a toy they’ve wanted). She even took it a step further and the “Switch Witch” leaves them a note telling them she needs help with her job because she’s so busy and asks them to take it to a homeless shelter to share.”  Katie J.

Great ideas everyone!  My two cents are below.

Check out this short rap video from a charter school that collects candy in exchange for making the kids purple smoothies with a blender operated by bicycle power!  You can get inspired, and exchange your kids candy for maybe 5 smoothie tickets (made by you).

Thanksgiving is coming up.   Why not throw a ton of candy in a jar, make a cute Turkey on the outside made from paper and wrap it around and tape it to the front and give it away at your child’s school or church holiday party!  Make it a guessing game.  Whoever guesses the correct amount of candy wins the jar!

Another good use for the leftover candy is to stuff it into your child’s birthday pinata!!  My daughter’s birthday is in a couple of weeks, and I am doing this for sure!!

I go back and forth with donating to the troops and the elderly, because really, who needs all of that candy?  But, if they don’t eat gobs of is, I guess it is ok.  A wonderful idea that doesn’t involve sugaring up anyone else is using your candy to make crafts!!! Your kids can make necklaces or other “sculptures” using leftover candy.

We’ll be using some of our candy to make our Gingerbread house for Christmas!! This was ours last year.

Moms like me who homeschool, or who are just into “out of the box” education will appreciate this.  CANDY EXPERIMENTS!!!  Yes, you read that right!  Use your left over candy to teach your kids some cool stuff about science!  Acid tests, sink or float, making life saver lights, oil tests and more!  Click here to try your own candy experiments!

If you LOVE to bake like me, you can use some of the leftover candy to make special treats.  Notice I said “special” treats.  Not all of the time.  Use your leftover candy to make “Better for you Candy Bar Cookies“! (the recipe is for 10 dozen, so make sure you click to reduce the # needed!)

Finally, if you don’t care about “wasting the candy”, by that I mean throwing it away.  You can ask your kids if you can “buy” their candy from them.  But, here’s the catch, the money won’t go to your kids, instead they get to donate the money to the charity of their choice!  Of course, you may need to guide them a little (if they are young).  You can first find out where their heart is.  Maybe they have a heart for kids with cancer, or people who don’t have food, or clean water and then go online together and  maybe give them an option of 2-3 charities that meet the need they chose.  I use Charity Navigator to find out how the charities are using their money, so I know they aren’t wasting the funds we give them.

I hope this list helped you out! If you liked these ideas, please share on fb and twitter.  If you have more cool ideas we didn’t mention, comment below!  Hope you have/had a Happy Halloween!!!

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9 Responses to “Top 5 Things to Do with all of your Halloween Candy”

  1. admin says:

    Our Organic Mom Lori shared this tip on our Keepin’ It Real Question.. “Before trick-or-treating, my girlfriend, Jessica, loads up her kids with proteins, to curb the cravings for sweets, and she does the same thing the day after Halloween, to both curb cravings and counter-balance that yucky, eaten-too-much-sugar feeling.” This was another GREAT idea!!! Thanks for sharing Lori!

  2. Wendy Hagen says:

    I do like to save some for baking too! And s’mores! We got a twinkie this year and a bag of microwave popcorn. Huh. The twinkies were smashed by the time we got home.

  3. admin says:

    @Charla- By the way I mention your blog tomorrow…

  4. Chana Keefer says:

    Our favorite thing to do with all the candy is to take it to Adventure Dental (across from Costco in Canyon Country). They “buy” the candy from kids for $1 a pound then ship it to the troops. Woohoo!

    That’s at least a good option for all the local Santa Clarita Valley peeps. :)


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