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How to clean up your beef!

My kids took a healthy meal challenge from a site called recently.  Every participant received a weekly box full of free swag and fun games and information to help their families to become more healthy.  One of the inserts was from the Colorado Beef Council which gave great tips for reducing the fat in your beef.  I was surprised at how many calories/fat you could get rid of by doing a few simple steps.  I always think to myself, I know I don’t know it all, so maybe you don’t either so I’ll share my findings with you.  We are a team, a club here, all trying to do better together.

Some of us are on budgets and it costs a lot more to buy beef that’s 90-95% extra lean.  The cheapest version of beef sold in my local store is usually the 80%lean/20% fat.  This is usually the meat you can find in bulk as well for you penny savers.  Well here’s how to turn your 80%lean/20%fat to 95%lean/5% fat!

How to clean up your beef!

First you cook and brown your ground beef, and use a slotted spoon to transfer it to a plate lined with paper towels.  Next, you carefully blot your meat more with the paper towels (taking care not to completely crush your meat).  Then you will transfer your beef to a colander and rinse with about 4 cups of hot (but not boiling) water.  *Do not run water from your tap directly because it causes your beef to break up into finer pieces, which can affect the texture you were trying to achieve.  After you rinse the meat, put it into a clean dish.

Here’s the breakdown (the why you should do this!)

Ground Beef- 80%lean/20% Fat

**The first number is the calories, the second is Fat (g)

Pan-broiled patties, after blotting                                 217                             14

Pan-broiled crumbles, blotting                                       191                             11

Pan-broiled crumbles, blotted & rinsed                        130                              5

(sources: Iowa State University, Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Nov. 1992, *USDA Nutrient database for standard reference, 1997)

FYI, the calories in 95%lean /5%fat equals 139, and the fat content of course is about 5%.  That’s the about the same result you’ll get from the 80%lean/20%fat you know the cheap stuff once you “clean up your beef”.

Time Saver!

When you buy your ORGANIC grass fed beef (hint hint) in bulk, save time by throwing it in the pan and doing the steps above to “clean up your beef”.  Then just grab a heavy super duper freezer bag and freeze it for later use!  When I did my once a month cooking I had left over taco seasoned beef that I made.  Now, when I want some burritos or tacos or a taco salad or something I can just thaw and use it however I wish.  You can add your freshly made marinara sauce or whatever you want for easy meals on busy days!  You’ll have the peace of mind knowing you got the calorie and fat content down already ahead of time for a healthier meal for your family. You’ll be doing your family good Fit Mom!

Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

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