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Mission Monday- Once A Month Cooking!

My friend Jen in front of a mound of chicken she diced

16 burritos, 8 for each family from our OAMC "Big Day"

This Mission Monday is a little bit different in that you are mostly doing research this week.  On what you ask?? Once A Month Cooking! What is it?  Once a month cooking, or freezer cooking as it is sometimes called, is a great way to save you both time over the month and money!  What could be better than that, saving you both time and money??  The day you decide to do your OAMC you cook all of your meals in 1 day for the month!  Yes, you read that right, all of the meals for the month will be cooked in 1 day!  Some of you may be overwhelmed just reading this.  It is a lot of work, I won’t lie, but it’s worth it!

September 9, 2010 I did my first OAMC day!  Was I scared to death? YES!  Was I afraid I would spend a crazy amount of money buying all of the ingredients in Southern California?  YES!  Did I think I may not make it?  YES!  But, all of my fears went away because I found a great website, that gave me a step by step plan!  You see this website has a monthly menu, and step by step instructions for you and a friend to make meals for 2 families of 4 for a month!

Our ingredients for the OAMC "Big Day"

Was it hard?  YES!! But, as my husband says, “what’s so bad about hard”.  I triumphed, I proved that I could do it, even though it was hard.  If I didn’t have a plan I think it would have been impossible!  You NEED a PLAN!  The site we used gave us a shopping list too, so we didn’t have to multiply the recipes, the work was done for us.  We made 20 dinners, 8 lunches, and 6 breakfasts for 2 families of 4 in about 12 hours!!! I will be using the “lunches” as dinners, so that gives me 28 dinners for my family of 4.  So, what does that mean for me this month?  It means that because I got over sitting on my couch thinking that it’s going to be “hard”, it  just got me 28 nights this month FREE!  Let me say that again, I won’t have to slave over the stove and come up with meals for 28 NIGHTS THIS MONTH!!!!!!!!!!  If you ask me, spending 12 hours to cook, and lets say 2 hours of shopping (we divided our shopping in half to spread the responsibility) will now give me 28 nights FREE!!!!  Yeah, I highly recommend that you research Once a Month cooking this week.

Some of our meals from the day!

Why do I say you should “research” it?  Because I found a great website to help me, you need to find a site or book to help you.  Find recipes that you like.  Ask a friend to join you!  This made it fun, and we shared the work.  Make it a goal to try this in a couple of weeks, which will give you time to prepare.  Decide on your recipes, and start shopping for sale items now!  I thought we were going to spend over $500-600 total (so $250-300) each on groceries.  We didn’t!  Because we shopped for sale items and used some of the things we already had in our pantries (like soy sauce, baking soda, etc..) we only spent about $350 total!! That’s dirt cheap for Los Angeles!  Fit Moms we spent $350 to feed 2 families of 4,  34 meals ($150 each for 28 dinners, and 6 breakfasts)!!! I still can’t believe it!  I usually spend $150 or more a week!!! This is a huge savings for our family!

Ham and Cheese Pockets

So, are you going to give it a try??  If, you are with me, or if you have questions, comment below.

This is the best site I’ve found so far, and the site I used.  I made the August menu.

Below is the August menu I made.  Why did I make the August menu in September?? Because I wanted to.  LOL!  It sounded delicious!  She has archived menus dating back to 2009.  Did I mention you get a menu, grocery list, cooking day step by step instructions, and even printable labels with reheating instructions on them!!!  This is a FREE site!! I’ll be interviewing Tricia from Once A Month Mom soon!  NOTE:  Not all of the recipes are the healthiest, but you can change any recipe to suit your dietary needs, likes/dislikes, etc.. We thought a lot of the recipes had too much cheese, so we just omitted it in some, and put less of it in others.  Always remember this journey Fit Mom is about your health and that of your families, you can make anything healthier, it’s up to YOU.




Annett Davis, Olympian & Founder of Fit Moms Fit Kids

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11 Responses to “Mission Monday- Once A Month Cooking!”

  1. Great job! I love the pictures! :) That IS a lot of chicken. I hope that you are enjoying all of the menu items as well. And thanks for sharing this with your readers. It truly is a great sanity saver each day. Just knowing what is for dinner and not having to slave away each day.

    I hope you will continue to enjoy it into the future. :)

  2. Fawn Weaver says:

    Love it!!

  3. I come from a different nutritional perspective, but I won’t talk about that. All I will say is for moms (and everyone else) to remember that there really is no substitute for a fresh green salad everyday. It’s one of the most important ways to get vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Russ…you are right! There is NO substitute for a fresh green salad or other greens everyday! In fact Fit Moms here are three good links for how to make that happen in your house. and the following talks about letting veggies, greens, and fruit be your main course at your meal times Our family has meat free meals a couple of days a week, and we always try to have greens and veggies daily (and really try multiple times a day). Here is a link to some recipes from our families month that we went RAW! Russ has a great website ladies check it out (he’s transformed his life via food, he’s now “mostly vegan”! He gives great health tips @

  5. alicia says:

    Thanks for the site. I will be doing one of these for November. Our baby is due mid December and I think this is about the best idea anyone has come up with. The real question is will it fit in my freezer!

  6. admin says:

    Alicia- I didn’t think they’d all fit in mine either. I have a french door type fridge with a pull out drawer freezer at the bottom. Surprisingly everything fit (barely). I almost had to ask my neighborhood to put some in hers. All I have are these dinners and a bag of frozen veggies in my freezer, nothing else. Good luck! (keep it healthy… : )

  7. Bethany Scutti says:

    Annett, I’d love to hear how you thought the food tasted when you ate it. Any recipes you didn’t care for or that you thought didn’t freeze well?


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