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Food Inc. (Watch This Short Video)

A few weeks ago Annett and I watched the documentary Food Inc. (hi… I’m Byron, Annett’s husband ;-)).  Boy was I taken back.  Being a health and fitness nut I already knew some of the poor practices employed by the food industry, I just did not know how bad it had gotten over the past 2 decades.  The part that gets me is how strong the momentum is for pushing “not so good for you” foods.  Of course, here in America, we are blessed with choices on what we want to eat.  No one is forcing Americans to eat more fast food than healthier food, right?  Or are we?

While no one is pointing a gun to a parent’s head forcing them to buy certain foods, there are more insidious culprits to blame.  Cost, convenience, and the miseducation of the greater population!  When it is cheaper and easy to get your hands on low quality, steroid pumped, processed foods, and through marketing (McDonalds, the official food sponsor of the Olympic Games), educated to think that these fast food alternatives are ok most people will choose fast foods.  Not to mention, when one goes to the grocery store and produce cost more than a super sized “value” meal, the choice is obvious.

The good news is, there are low cost, better alternatives for busy parents.  In up coming weeks check back on this blog to get great recipes that are quick, easy, and won’t rob you of your hard earned cash.  Also, if you have great recipes that are low on cost but high on nutrition, please post them in the comments section below, or send it to us and we will feature you and your “good eats” on the blog.

Long Live Fit Moms, Fit Kids… & fit dads too :-)!

(This is Annett adding my 2 cents.  :  ) For those of you who may have a gentle stomach there is a scene of an animal carcass, just showing how your food is mass produced.  Just a warning.  But, it’s real. This movie isn’t about not eating meat, or veggies, just about informing you so you can make informed choices.  Which should be our goal with everything in life to be able to make choices based on knowledge, and not the lack thereof…Annett)

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  1. […] recommend that you watch is called Food Inc.  If you have Netflix you can watch it instantly!  Here’s a link to a short video that talks about the movie.  Another movie that I saw recently was called Forks Over Knives.  […]

  2. […] Sometime this weekend watch Food, Inc!  Warning: It does have some graphic video segments showing how meat made ready for the store, it is not meant to stop you from eating meat, just to show you what happens in our food industry.  If you decide to eat meat, chose organic if you can.    This movie is not all about meat.  It tackles all the angles of our food production systems, from science, to factories, to the government, and this is why I want you to watch the documentary. This film single-handedly helped to change my view on food in America.  It’s incredible. Here’s my husbands take on it after he watched it a few years ago. Click here to read. […]

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