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Welcome To The Revolution!

Spring is upon us!   What better time to start a revolution?  Obesity is fast becoming the #1 Killer in America.  Yet, the fast food and processed food industries are still reporting huge profits (even in this economy).  As embarrassing as it may be, America has a vested interest in making American families fat.  While we live in a time where advances in medicine are greater now than ever before in history, more kids are being diagnosed with type II diabetes and more parents are dying because of obesity related illnesses.

What Has Made Obesity an Epidemic in the U.S.?
Rosenwald quotes Tomas J. Philipson, an economics professor who studies obesity at the University of Chicago, as saying, “The obesity problem is really a side effect of things that are good for the economy, but we would rather take improvements in technology and agriculture than go back to the way we lived in the 1950s when everyone was thin.”

Why Businesses Want us Fat?
He also tells us that obesity has actually fattened the wallets of many corporations and doctors alike (pun intended). He provides data that the “obesity industry” was estimated to make in excess of $315Billion in 2006. He included in this industry fast food chains, medical treatments, and books about dieting.

He goes on to list a few of the food companies that thrive on bad food choices, stating that in 2004 Kraft Foods made more than $244Million on Oreo cookies!

In addition to the companies who are profiting from the junk food we eat, there is the “fat-cure” industry that depends on us getting fat to make their money such as Jenny Craig, Nutri-system, Weight Watchers, and Physicians who perform weight-loss and cosmetic surgeries. We sit smack dab in the middle of two hungry industries, out to keep us on the roller coaster ride of obesity.

Doesn’t this make you mad?  It’s time for moms, all across America and around the world to stand united for Family, Fitness, and Fun!

That’s why Fit Moms, Fits Kids Club was created.  We exist to simply inform, inspire, and empower moms to make fitness and good health a way of life for themselves and their loved ones.

Here’s What YOU can DO NOW!
Join The Revolution…
Take the Pledge (on the right side of the page) to help us get 1 Million Moms to say “I want to be healthy and help my kids to do the same!”  We’ll help you meet your goals along the way.

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  1. […] it sounds so important and dramatic.) So forget about what month it is and just get fit. Sign the Fit Moms Fit Kids Club pledge and get fit. Year round. If you do set goals or make a New Year’s Resolution, aim low. […]

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